The CEO of Royal Palms Companies, Dan Kodsi, recently announced that he’s expecting flying cars to be around in 10-15 years, and that by that time the Paramount Miami Worldcenter will be ready to accommodate them.

Kodsi’s ambitious plan includes creating a multi-purpose swimming pool on the Paramount’s rooftop with a movable bottom; when a VTOL comes in to land a hydraulic system will raise the bottom of the swimming pool up to ground level to create a 3,000 square foot landing surface. “You want to be part of the group in the real-estate industry that’s reacting now, not ‘Oh, I wish we had thought of that trend,’ ” Kodsi stated.

Why it’s important: While companies like Blade and Airbus have collaborated on investing in infrastructure for flying cars recently, no real estate firm has been as invested up to this point in the flying car industry until now. Kodsi, leading Royal Palms Companies, is one of the first to enter the flying car real estate development space.



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