Lilium has added the renowned Frank Stephenson to head their product design. In a news release late Monday, Lilium announced that the car designer, who has worked with Ferrari, MINI, and BMW, would be joining the Lilium Team. “My last job was as high up as you could be in the car design world. The obvious question was – what next? But it wasn’t one I could easily answer. And then this incredible company came along and it immediately felt like exactly the right move” said Stephenson.

“Throughout my whole career I’ve worked hand in hand with engineers, creating vehicles that will be mechanically efficient and technically effective while also looking beautiful. I will now apply those same principles to this very latest innovation in aviation” he added.

Why it’s important: The draw of big name talent to the flying car industry is a signal that the world’s heavy hitting designers are interested in this emerging field. In terms of notoriety, there are few names that carry more clout than Stephenson’s. The move by Stephenson is further testament to the respect of an industry that is growing globally, and the amount of traction and validity of design the prototypes are being given.

Read the press release here.


Posted by Naish Gaubatz

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