The Triumph Group and Jaunt Air Mobility will begin work on their demonstrator

The two companies announced their partnership at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). This partnership entails the cooperation in designing, manufacturing, and certifying a full-scale demonstrator aircraft. Triumph will also provide engineering and manufacturing serices to support Jaunt’s aircraft. In addition, Jaunt CEO Kayden Stanzione and Triumph Aerospace Executive Vice President Pete Wick confirmed that the Jaunt demonstrator would take flight by 2023, with certification soon following.

Photo by Nicolas Zart.

“Working with our other partners, Triumph will help bring our ROSA technology to market,” said Stanzione, “Triumph’s experience in airframe development, usage of advanced thermoplastics in primary structure, and expansive manufacturing capabilities are essential for bringing Jaunt’s eVTOL to market in a timely, safe, and affordable manner.”

The Reduced Rotor Operating Speed Aircraft, or ROSA is a slowed rotor compound (SR/C) system purchased from Carter Aviation last year, that Jaunt Air Mobility has incorporated into their own aircraft, the Jaunt. The Jaunt is equipped with the capability to operate in all flying modes, fixed-wing, and rotor-based flight. 

Jaunt Air Mobility CEO Kaydon Stanzione and Pete Wick, Executive Vice President of Aerospace Structures at Triumph Group, sign their development agreement. Photo by Nicolas Zart.

“We are excited to begin our eVTOL journey as a partner with Jaunt in support of their new air vehicle concept,” said Pete Wick, “We believe Triumph’s experience in platform development through certification and into high rate production, utilizing our proprietary thermoplastic technologies, will enable Jaunt to be the leader in the revolutionary market — located right here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.”

Photo by Nicolas Zart.

Why it’s important: The backing of Triumph puts Jaunt Air Mobility in a strong position, as this indicates that an aviation heavyweight will provide Jaunt with engineering and manufacturing expertise. The invaluable knowledge that Triumph possesses regarding large-scale manufacturing, certification processes, and just in general aviation will do much for Jaunt in the long and short run in developing the Jaunt aircraft. 

Sources // Clean Technica

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