Elusive company Jaunt Air Mobility has been named as a new eVTOL partner for the future Uber Air network.

The Jaunt Air Mobility eVTOL has a unique design in that it features only one large single lift rotor, making it a combination between a helicopter and and a small airplane. Jaunt Air Mobility calls this technology ‘ROSA’-an acronym for “Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft”. This means that the lift rotor, using its length, can also operate to give lift from horizontal flight. Jaunt mentions that specific advantages of its design include a high level of efficiency in hover, quiet flight, and the ability to keep passengers at a level position throughout the entire flight.

From its beginning, Jaunt Air Mobility was focused on becoming a partner for the Uber Air network. The eVTOL, once named the ‘Carter Copter’ was designed specifically to meet Uber’s noise, safety, and performance requirements. Carter Aviation, acquired by Jaunt in early 2019, has been making gyrocopter (airplane/helicopter combination) technology demonstrators since as early as 1994. Learn more about Carter’s Slowed Rotor/Compound technology here.

Said Kaydon Stanzione, founder of Jaunt Air Mobility:
“We are pleased to be working with Uber as they have set the highest standards for safety, performance, and community acceptance which are inherent characteristics of our Jaunt aircraft design.”

Learn more about the Jaunt Air Mobility eVTOL specs here.

Why it’s important: The addition of Jaunt Air Mobility to the Uber Air partner network shows that Uber Elevate is willing to experiment with a wide range of different design types to understand what will work best for urban aviation. While some of the other partner designs feature more new technologies, the Carter Copter features flight-tested, patented technology that may help speed the certification process to flight.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz

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