Japan is involved in the flying car industry, and is increasing government and local support of future flying car manufacturers and companies by laying legislative groundwork for the implementation of these aircraft in the future.

After the Japanese government announced that they were launching a flying car study in March of 2018, little was heard on the subject of flying cars and Japan until today.

Japan announced that flying cars would most likely be considered “aircraft” under their Civil Aeronautics Law, and would be regulated and certified as such. Although certification for aircraft is strict, this is a regulatory win for companies like Cartivator, based in Japan, as new regulations need not be created.

The Cartivator team is a group of volunteers based in Toyota, Japan, working the development flying cars. Their intent is to hold an exhibition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to display their work.

Why it’s important: The Japanese government is firming up their initial statement of launching a study with meaningful actions that will enable them to support local flying car companies through the design, manufacturing, and even regulatory certification phases. Japan’s dedication to technological advancement among the burgeoning Asian region of the world is another reason that flying car companies in the island country should be on the radar for wider-spread commercial applications in 5 to 10 years.


  • The Straits Times

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