ZeroAvia, developer of sustainable aviation solutions and operator of its hydrogen-electric Dornier 228 aircraft, has announced a strategic partnership with Masdar, a global leader in clean energy, to advance the production and supply of hydrogen for aviation. This partnership marks a significant step towards realizing the vision of emission-free air travel on a commercial scale.

The collaboration between ZeroAvia and Masdar will primarily focus on hydrogen projects in North America and Europe, with an eye towards establishing clean flight operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Masdar, a renowned renewable energy company based in the UAE, is positioning itself as a trailblazer in green hydrogen technology, aiming to lead the industry by implementing strategic projects and scalable platforms in key markets. Their ambitious goal of producing 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen annually by 2030 underscores their commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Masdar’s Green Hydrogen division has already been actively engaged in major aviation initiatives centered around green hydrogen production. This new partnership with ZeroAvia is poised to catalyze the development of the world’s first hydrogen-powered commercial flights.

The UAE’s ambitious hydrogen production targets, aiming to reach 1.4 million tonnes annually by 2031 and an astounding 15 million tonnes by 2050, exemplify their dedication to fostering a green hydrogen economy. Masdar has been a driving force behind this effort, forging global collaborations with strategic partners to realize these ambitions.

ZeroAvia, on the other hand, is making remarkable strides in revolutionizing aviation with hydrogen-electric technology. Collaborating with major energy companies, the company aims to provide hydrogen fuel to airlines as early as 2025. Their pioneering efforts aim to enable refueling of aircraft tanks with hydrogen, targeting aircraft with capacities of up to 90 seats. With the potential to meet the hydrogen demand for short regional flights, ZeroAvia’s innovative approach aligns perfectly with the industry’s sustainability goals.

The recent successful flight test campaign of the ZA600 engine aboard a Dornier 228 aircraft showcased the feasibility of hydrogen-electric engines. These engines utilize fuel cells to generate electricity from hydrogen, powering electric motors that drive the aircraft’s propellers. Notably, the only emission produced is water, aligning perfectly with the clean energy objectives pursued by both ZeroAvia and Masdar.


Why it’s important: ZeroAvia and Masdar have joined forces to develop the future of refueling infrastructure for green hydrogen-powered aviation. This partnership not only signifies a milestone in sustainable air travel but also demonstrates the potential of collaboration between industry leaders to drive positive change for the environment and the aviation sector as a whole – notably with global reach, spanning from ZeroAvia’s headquarters in the UK and California, to Masdar in the UAE.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz