uAvionix announced that they will be participating in the deployment of Vantis, North Dakota’s Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) infrastructure and network. A partner of Thales’ TopSky Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform, uAvionix will provide infrastructural support to Vantis through the deployment of terrestrial command and control (C2) infrastructure and a cloud-based C2 service, enabling centralized management, coordination, and C2 handoffs. The successful integration of the C2 system into Vantis is an important first step for the goal of eventually introducing UAS systems into global airspace, a milestone that will be vital for integrating aerial mobility into the transportation sector. 

Photograph: uAvionix

Led by the Northern Plains UAS Test Site, the deployment of Vantis will enable future BVLOS missions across the key-site deployment area of McKenzie County, ND. A key part of that ability will come from the uAvionix’s C2 service, which will be able to monitor overall system performance, the health and signal strength of each radio on the network, location monitoring and tracking, and centralized control. 

The C2 service leverages uAvionix’s microLink Airborne Radio Systems (ARS) and skyStation Ground Radio Systems (GRS) developed to ASTM standards. microLink and skyStation are dual-architecture MIMO digital frequency hopping radios which enable intelligent make-before-break (MBB) transitions from one GRS to the next in long-range operations, enhancing the overall safety case.

In addition to the C2 service, uAvionix will additionally contribute to the overall low-altitude airspace surveillance picture through the deployment of its pingStation networkable ADS-B receivers.

“Thales is excited to partner with uAvionix in North Dakota to deploy a BVLOS C2 network infrastructure and service,” said Frank Matus, Director of Digital Aviation Market Development for Thales. “uAvionix achievements in the areas of surveillance and TSO avionics is instrumental in addressing the command and communications challenges faced by the emerging UAS industry in North Dakota and across the national airspace system.”

Why it’s important: Vantis represents both an exciting possibility on its own as well as the future of UAS integration into global airspace. With this, uAvionix advances its mission to overcome operational and technical challenges of UAS integration into global airspace by providing networks with infrastructure and certified low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) avionics for mission-critical applications.

Source // uAvionix Press Release (11/19/2020)

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