UrbanFootprint, a location intelligence and urban planning software company, has been chosen as a key software partner to support NASA’s UAM initiative. Through NASA’s UAM program, “NASA will provide early adopters of UAM technology with a safe, efficient, and flexible system to operate air vehicles for moving passengers and cargo within metropolitan areas.”, according to an UrbanFootprint blog post. UrbanFootprint, with its data, analysis, and mapping capabilities, will work with NASA to support in airspace operations and safety by developing an industry-standard 3D Urban Airspace Map and can assist in the siting of critical ‘vertiports’ (air-vehicle takeoff and landing pads) and aerial route planning. UrbanFootprint is part of a team led by The Innovation Laboratory Inc., and is working directly under the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

“Urban Air Mobility has the potential to revolutionize urban transportation. It can play a role in freight and delivery, passenger transportation, and emergency response. Planning and deployment of UAM requires a comprehensive understanding of the groundscape and how air space interacts with the complex nature of urban environments.”

UrbanFootprint’s expertise and capabilities can aid in the siting of critical ‘vertiports’ (air-vehicle takeoff and landing pads) and aerial route planning. “The UrbanFootprint platform will enable NASA and the project team to identify potential sites across the urban landscape, accounting for a myriad of contingencies and requirements, including accessibility, risk and resilience, energy use, and environmental impact.” This is all to help NASA’s ultimate goal of developing a 3D Urban Airspace Map with a network of vertiports and airspace traffic layers, which could integrate with the urban and environmental data and analytical capabilities of the UrbanFootprint platform.

Why it’s important: The development of a proper and safe infrastructure for aerial mobility is critical in ensuring that the industry succeeds in the next few decades. With UrbanFootprint’s aid, the aerial mobility industry can gain an industry-standard 3D Urban Airspace Map, something that would be extremely useful for any company in the industry.
Source // UrbanFootprint blog post (8/27/20)

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