Eve UAM, an Embraer subsidiary, and Falko Regional Aircraft Limited, a global leader in commercial regional aircraft leasing, have announced a Letter of Intent which contemplates a potential order for 200 of Eve’s electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) and a commercial partnership to develop a global network of eVTOL operators in support of Urban Air Mobility missions.

The partnership between Eve and Falko will begin by establishing a working group to collaborate with Falko’s existing operators to develop initial route networks where Eve’s aircraft can be deployed in early adopter markets. Additionally, Eve’s agnostic product portfolio of next-generation air traffic management software, service capabilities, and fleet operations services will also be introduced to create a safe, scalable network for each Falko lessee using Eve’s aircraft.

Falko has been closely cooperating with Embraer since 2014 and chose Eve as its Urban Air Mobility partner due to Embraer’s long record for certifying trusted aircraft for over 52 years.

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“I am thrilled to announce this huge development in our long-standing and successful relationship with Embraer. We are very excited by our strategic partnership with Eve which forms part of our drive to be at the forefront of the greening of the aviation sector. We firmly believe in the prospects of the eVTOL market and that Eve, with the support of Embraer’s experience in the manufacturing, certification, and support of aircraft, will be a market leader,” states Jeremy Barnes, CEO of Falko.

“Our partnership with Falko, a trusted aircraft leasing leader, cements our position in the global Urban Air Mobility marketplace and not only widens our potential operator base through Falko’s global customer footprint but increases our ability to provide full-stack solutions, through partnerships. We are proud to have Falko as a strategic partner in Eve as our two organizations collaborate to lead a new generation of sustainable innovation, in aviation,” said Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve.

Why it’s important: The prospect of Eve providing up to 200 eVTOLs would be a substantial jumpstart for Embraer’s urban air mobility division. It would serve as a source of funding for further research and development of their vehicle as future improvements will be imminent while the nascent industry expands and evolves to fit consumer needs. On the other hand, Eve also has the benefit of calling upon funding from the larger Embraer corporation if needed to bolster certification and manufacturing efforts. This is in stark contrast to the vast number of UAM startup companies that must pursue investor contributions or public stock offerings to facilitate progress.

Source // Eve press release

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