13 Dutch companies have joined together to realize the full potential of urban aerial mobility

The Royal Schiphol Group has announced that, along with 12 other companies including KLM and Air Traffic Control of the Netherlands (LVNL), they will establish Dutch Drone Delta, an alliance aimed at developing “smart, sustainable UAM solutions,” set to launch in January 1st, 2020. The alliance will look to work with various partners, both domestic and international, to explore innovative solutions towards the development of urban aerial mobility.

13 partners are set to establish Dutch Drone Delta – a new alliance that is set to develop smart, sustainable solutions through close collaboration and the will to innovate through action.

Starting on January 1st, Dutch Drone Delta will pursue 5 main tracks towards the continued development of drone and UAM technology:

  1. Social embracement of drones and UAM
  2. Autonomous long-distance flights
  3. Safe integration of manned and unmanned traffic
  4. Delivery by drones
  5. Transport of cargo and people between and within cities

Dutch Drone Delta will work on the essential requirements for the successful integration of drones and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in Dutch society, including public approval and safe integration into both manned and unmanned airspace. By using drones for medical deliveries, surveillance and inspections of ports and ultimately the transport of cargo and people by air the socially added value will be shown to the general public. In the first year, a study will be conducted to assess relevant requirements and potential infrastructure locations. An assessment will also be conducted to determine how UAM will impact the living environment.

According to Henk Jan Gerzee, chief digital and innovation officer at Royal Schiphol Group:

We feel it’s important to participate in any promising mobility-related developments. That’s why we’re currently working with our partners to explore the future. We want to determine Urban Air Mobility’s potential in terms of improving airport accessibility


The alliance consists of partners who can contribute both financially and with experience in the aviation/UAM sector. The partners are KLM, Air Traffic Control The Netherlands (LVNL), Royal Schiphol Group, Port of Rotterdam, KPN, a.s.r. insurance, RAI, Connekt, Antea Group, Space53, Royal NLR, AirHub and Department of Waterways and Public Works.

Why it’s important: The foundation of Dutch Drone Delta is aimed at the safe integration of drones and UAM in a socially sustainable and economically feasible way. According to the partners, the Netherlands is well positioned to play a leading role, with a rich history in aviation, an innovative nature and the will to work together. With interest in urban aerial mobility growing 

Source // Schiphol Newsroom


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