Until Connected Kerb, EV charging infrastructure has never been so sustainable. With a mind set on the future of mass adoption of EV vehicles, Kerb has developed charging points that are made from recyclable materials, have extended product lifespans over other chargers, and are built to be flexible for future innovations. As eVTOLs continue to edge closer to reality, companies like Kerb will have great market value as electric charging infrastructure providers. Companies like Kerb are gearing up now for an eVTOL future.

Integrated Kerb charging infrastructure

The SEAL Business Sustainability Awards has launched in 2017, and honors exemplary sustainability, environmental achievements and leadership. Past winners have included industry giants such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Addidas. Winners are selected through examinations of companies’ performance and sustainability innovations.

Said Connected Kerb CEO Chris Pateman-Jones, “Future-proofing is vital to sustainability. Chargers need to be a long-life asset. We are installing advanced infrastructure that is flexible to new technologies when they come along, avoiding the need for additional materials and construction.”

Kerb is also developing wireless charging capabilities, which may eventually be useful in eVTOL operations

Although it has not yet entirely hit the spotlight, the question of eVTOL charging has been prominent throughout discussions of the future. For example, the topic has been heavily discussed at Uber Elevate’s aerial mobility development conferences; often entire seminars have been dedicated to the speed of charging and batteries’ product life cycle, as well as how to seamlessly combine charging support with the user side of transportation infrastructure. To learn more about Uber’s current view of battery topics, watch the full seminar here.

Why it’s important: As aerial mobility gets closer to reality, more and more air taxi startups have begun to make significant progress. Charging infrastructure will be an integral and complex part of these services, and operators may choose to outsource this task to other companies such as Connected Kerb. By mastering charging for street EV’s, Kerb has the potential to become a highly coveted eVTOL charging provider.


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