Salt Lake City, UT based Altaport shared on December 20th the completion of their vertiport automation system (VAS) platform which will facilitate the future of travel by automating ground infrastructure operations at airports, heliports, and vertiports. Altaport’s platform controls a range of activities on behalf of ground infrastructure managers, including resource management and scheduling, ground movement safety monitoring, passenger management, and fee collection.

Altaport: A complete aerodrome management solution.

Altaport was launched within the Philo Ventures startup studio and was co-founded by former Airbus and Google employees who saw the need to prepare today’s ground infrastructure for the future of high-volume eVTOL and cargo drone traffic.

Altaport’s offering from their most recent press release is “a robust, interoperable vertiport operating and communications system” which will be crucial to manage a high amount of interactions between vertiports and operators, as outlined in NASA’s July 2021 report titled “Vertiport Automation Software Architecture and Requirements.”

Altaport’s platform both reflects and builds upon the system outlined in NASA’s VAS whitepaper. “We’ve spent more than a decade building and launching operations that are highly reflective of what future AAM operations will look like, giving us unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that such operations present,” said Cozzens. “The Altaport team has combined the learnings from those experiences with the technical standards established by the industry to date to build the leading vertiport automation platform. When the first eVTOLs begin commercial operations, Altaport will be prepared to serve landing locations around the world.”

Altaport’s platform is currently used at numerous major heliports throughout Brazil, playing an important role in the development of tomorrow’s AAM landing network. This early deployment should allow Altaport to fine tune their platform prior to usage at an even larger scale.

Why it’s important: Altaport’s platform provides a third party solution to ground operations management at future vertiports, as well as existing airports and heliports. Altaport’s value proposition would certainly streamline vertiport operations, but it’s unclear to what degree competitors in the industry (both OEM’s and vertiport infrastructure specialists) will tune their IP development focus toward. Altaport could eventually be jockeying for market share amongst a mixed bag of vertically and horizontally integrated vertiport operations management solutions. For now, Altaport has a near first-mover advantage as a third party service.

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Posted by Naish Gaubatz