Raytheon is bringing radar technology to flying cars and taxis. The aerospace companies’ recent efforts have focused on developing a low-power radar that can fill in the gaps of conventional larger scale radar systems. Their proposition is to implement many small systems en masse instead of utilizing large, scanning systems that have ranges of up to 200 miles.

The radar units sit upright, and are about one square meter in size and as thick as a pizza box. The technology is claimed to be much more accurate and precise than what is in use today, according to Raytheon. These systems can also selectively monitor targets, whether that be many with a larger range or a selected single target at close range.

Why it’s important: Raytheon’s low-level radar efforts are critical to the success of the flying car and taxi industry, as tracking and efficient management of low-level urban airspace will be critical to the successful operation of personal aerial transportation systems in the future. Raytheon is distancing themselves from other infrastructure suppliers by creating a product that is ready to enter the market today.


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