From January 8-11, Las Vegas, Nevada will host the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, known as the “global stage for innovation”. According to the Consumer Technology Association – the owner and producer of the trade show – “CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.”

Doug Newcomb, Senior Industry Analyst of Mobility at Wards Intelligence, will moderate a conference addressing several companies that are building flying cars for both commercial and leisure purposes. Massimo Martinotti, Head of Mobility Solutions at Italdesign, and Jeff Warra Sr., Automotive Technology Specialist at Spirent Communications, will discuss where is this industry headed, which players are taking us there and what’s the vision for this near-future mode of transportation.

Here are a few of the prototypes that will be showcased at CES this year:

Visit The Hangar to read more about the Cartivator Skydrive’s technical specifications.

The Cartivator SkyDrive is being developed in Toyota, Japan, with a business base in Tokyo. The group is volunteer-oriented, utilizing donated equipment to pull together their flying car concept design, and have set their sights on using one to light the flame at the opening of the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020. A scaled-down replica of Skydrive, “Toyota’s flying car”, is to be shown at CES.

The Cartivator group highlights that “our team consists of people with diverse professional backgrounds and is working hard every weekend towards developing the flying car.”

“We aim to build a prototype, establish theory of flight control, as well as form alliances with major corporations to make mass production of the flying car a reality.”

Next Future Transportation

Next Future Transportation has not yet displayed their eVTOL prototype – CES 2019 will be the first public look.

Next Future Transportation (NFT) co-founders are husband and wife, Guy and Maki Kaplinsky. The team is currently developing a multi-modal electric zero emission and advance hybrid system eVTOL capable of piloted or autonomous flight. The passenger flying car, with two or four seats, can carry passengers directly from their starting point to their destination (door-to-door). Their vision will be on display at the show, with a media session on Sunday.

“We believe we have a winning design that will enable us to make the Model T of flying cars — a low-cost production model,” Guy Kaplinsky told AFP News in a Silicon Valley office park where a prototype model was being assembled.

Kaplinsky then explained, “we learned from Tesla that Elon Musk spent too much time on the production side. [Instead] we are spending our time on the technology side and will partner with companies on assembly.”

For more information about the company or prototype, see our previous article: Next Future Transportation Inc. Sets Sights on Affordable Door-To-Door eVTOL

Why its important: CES 2019 will provide these emerging UAM companies immense visibility and further ignite discussion regarding the urban aviation industry. CES is the trade show of the year for a look into the world’s most cutting edge and innovative technologies to come.

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