Transcend Air will be a featured panelist and exhibitor at the 2019 ICAO Innovation Fair

Peter H. Schmidt, co-founder and COO of Transcend Air, will join the ICAO Innovation fair as a featured speaker at the Green Innovation Session to deliver his talk on “A System Approach to Sustainability, Starting Now.” According to the Transcend Air press release, “Transcend Air envisions an all-electric future for aviation, and is plotting a course to get there in sustainable steps starting with today’s technology.”

The talk will pertain to Transcend Air’s own VTOL, the Vy 400, and specifically Transcend Air’s vision for future transportation. This includes implementing flexible vertipads that emit no emissions and are based in water, so that incorporation will require no concrete structures or land space. The company plans to feature their VTOL exclusively at these vertipads to reduce travel costs and traffic congestion for the general public. 

Transcend Air’s  vision for sustainability can be broken up into four basic aspects.

Architecture: Reduces or eliminates the need to expand airports in the face of rising air travel needs.

Strategic Geographic Locations: Puts the travel resource near where the need is concentrated, eliminating wasteful congestion.

Efficient:  A distributed vertipad network minimizes environmental costs by avoiding the costs and impacts of large-scale of construction.

Future Ready Aircraft Design:  The Vy class of aircraft is designed to be converted to all-electric when the technology is in place.


The ICAO Innovation Fair 2019 and Fifth Annual ICAO World Aviation Forum, held in Montreal, Canada, will be held “to excite and educate our sector on the possibilities that innovation presents, and to provide insights to key decision makers, on how they can start-up innovation within their own States”, according to the site’s website. To learn more about the event, visit here.

Find more on Transcend Air and other eVTOLs in the Hanger.

Why it’s important: Sustainability is a large factor in why the aerial mobility industry is an attractive option for the future of transportation. With rising demands in aerial transportation, aerial mobility options such as Transcend Air’s presents a potential solution to reduce travel costs, traffic congestion, and environmental impacts in rapidly growing metropolitan areas.

Source // Press Release from Transcend Air

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