The conference will be held Sep 23-24 in San Francisco.

evtol Revolution aero conference

Since its first conference in San Francisco last year, Revolution Aero has become known as an established conference focusing on innovation and technology in new forms of personal and business aviation. The conference brings together a number of startups currently seeking to disrupt the aviation industry, ranging from eVTOL developers to business accelerator programs.

Notable confirmed speakers include Joby Aviation Founder & CEO Joeben Bevirt, Andrew Collins, President at Sentient Jet, Nikhil Goel, Head of Product at Uber Elevate, Star Ginn of the NASA UAM Grand Challenge, and many more, including representatives from directors of innovation at Airbus and Boeing. See the full list of confirmed speakers at Revolution.Aero’s homepage.

evtol Joby Aviation

The Joby Aviation S4 Mockup. Founder and CEO Joeben Bevirt will speak the Revolution Aero 2019. 

Ultimately, the goal of the conference is to promote and encourage new types of aviation in collaboration with engineers, designers, investors, government, and more. As part of the conference, Revolution Aero also holds new venture pitch competitions at each of its events to help new companies find financiers, mentors, and contacts. The conference also focuses heavily on how to guide and work with regulators of the newly growing personal aviation industry, hosting representatives from the FAA and NASA, as well as accounting for financial feasibility of new ventures.

“This is without doubt the start of a new aviation revolution. New -often interconnected -technologies like additive manufacturing, nanotechnology/advanced materials, artificial intelligence, electrification, the internet of aircraft, robotics, biotechnology, energy storage and others, will reshape aerospace and aviation.” -Revolution.Aero. 

Revolution.Aero Europe 2019

Revolution Aero will also hold its second European conference in London in March 2020, following the success of its conference there last year. Partnered with Revolution.Aero is the well known publication Helicopter/VTOL Investor, which has been focused on personal flight for almost a decade.

Why it’s important: Revolution.Aero is another conference bringing together all the key stakeholders in the growing personal flight industry. Unlike many industries before it, personal flight requires intense collaboration from almost every stakeholder ranging from government regulators to financial institutions and OEMs.


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