Joby Aero Inc., a California-based company developing all-electric aircraft for commercial passenger service, announced it is opening a new office in Washington, DC to support the collaborative work it is doing with the aviation community and policymakers to bring quiet, zero-emissions aviation to life.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art flight simulator, visitors to the new office are able to experience what it’s like to fly Joby’s revolutionary electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) aircraft first-hand.

Joby Opens Washington DC Office

Joby’s real aircraft has flown over 1000 flights. The simulator shown here is flying over the DC region. Credit // Joby Aviation

Joby intends to use its aircraft to launch an aerial ridesharing service in 2024, transporting a pilot and four passengers at speeds up to 200 mph. With a range of 150 miles, recently demonstrated by the Company’s full-scale prototype aircraft, passengers will be able to move rapidly in and around cities and regions, without any associated operating emissions.

As part of its commitment to working collaboratively on accelerating the adoption of zero-emissions aviation, Joby recently announced a joint effort with JetBlue Airways and Signature Flight Support to build a pathway to the utilization of electric and hydrogen aviation credits. The company is also working with policymakers and local governments to support community-based planning grants for aerial ridesharing as well as the development of electric aviation charging infrastructure.

“This new electric age of aviation will transform transportation in the US and around the world. With our full-scale prototype continuing to demonstrate its capabilities and aircraft certification and entry into service just a few years away, we are excited to bring this experience to Washington, D.C.” said Greg Bowles, Head of Government Affairs at Joby.

“We look forward to accelerating the industry’s education efforts on the dramatic benefits that zero-emissions aviation and eVTOL flight enable and we’re grateful for the support of key government and industry stakeholders who have already visited our new DC office and experienced Joby flight in our simulator,” added Bowles. “We look forward to welcoming many more thought leaders and policy makers as we demonstrate the global importance of the clean future of flight.”

Why it’s important: Joby Aviation’s new Washington DC office will facilitate collaboration with the neighboring aviation community and policy makers on quiet, emissions-free flight; state-of-the-art simulator availability will also offer eVTOL flight experience & training for further cutting-edge development.

Source // Joby press release

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