Jaunt Air Mobility announced on October 5th, 2020, that their board would be elevating former Chief Technical Officer Martin Peryea as Jaunt’s interim CEO. The press release cited that the change in leadership was made for the sake of the development of the Jaunt Journey aircraft. According to Peryea, who held over 33 of engineering experience at Bell Helicopters, “On behalf of the company, I am pleased to lead Jaunt at this critical juncture. Our confidence in our technology remains high and our working relationships with our key suppliers are stronger than ever. We understand that Kaydon Stanzione will be pursuing other endeavors.”

The Jaunt Journey
Photograph: Jaunt Air Mobility

Jaunt Air Mobility LLC is an air taxi development company focused on creating unique air vehicles that provide the highest levels of operational efficiencies, safety, and community acceptance. A promising startup as well as a current partner of Uber Elevate, the company is a leader in vertical flight with the design and development of its Reduced Rotor Operating Speed Aircraft (ROSA™) solution.

The Jaunt Journey, designed to meet Uber’s noise and performance requirements, was originally designed by Carter Aviation, which was recently acquired by Jaunt Air Mobility. The Jaunt Journey eVTOL utilizes Carter Aviation’s slowed-rotor compound (SR/C) technology  to provide lift from the vertical rotor even in horizontal flight, and to decrease noise while increasing efficiency and safety. The Jaunt eVTOL is unique among the Uber Elevate partners in that it features only a single lift rotor.

Martin Peryea, the new CEO of Jaunt Air Mobility
Photograph: Jaunt Air Mobility

Why it’s important: Jaunt Air Mobility has undergone a leadership change, but is still committed to its vision, as well as its investors, suppliers, customers, and all other stakeholders. The company remains confident that the change will only benefit the company and all stakeholders, and has high hopes for Martin Peryea, former CTO of Jaunt and a long-time expert in vertical lift technologies.

Source // Jaunt Air Mobility Press Release (10/5/2020)

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