This Wednesday, innovators and leaders from the aerial mobility, airspace management, transportation innovation and rule-making industries will converge in Washington, D.C. for Honeywell’s invite-only Aerial Mobility Summit.

The summit aims to advance the rate of progress toward policy decisions for the next generation of aircraft, with special emphasis toward a more unified global standard of eVTOL aircraft certification that includes buy in key regulators such as the FAA and EASA. Further, the conference also highlights the intent to cement rules and policies surrounding beyond visual line of sight operations (BVLOS) to allow operators to start to plan our their communication and datalink networks using the frameworks that are yet to be agreed upon.

Programming highlights for September 21st include speakers from the U.S. House Transportation Committee, uncrewed BVLOS OEM’s, UAS and UAM Technology experts, displays, and simulators, and an industry panel on key aerial mobility aircraft design and manufacturing firms.

Why it’s important: This summit addresses a key component and requirement of both the aerial mobility and innovative connectivity for transportation networks – the ability for multiple autonomous or remotely operated vehicles to cohabit the same areas while remaining deconflicted from traffic conflicts. A key component to success for this challenge is a unified front of requirements for OEM’s to design toward, and similarly, the certification discussion for aerial mobility aircraft is another opportunity for global regulators to unite to increase the commonality of certification standards and ultimately support a more globally integrated suite of aerial mobility aircraft, in lieu of regionalized models due to stratification of regulatory requirements.

More information on the summit can be found here.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz