EmbraerX and Elroy Air have signed a collaboration agreement for the purpose of developing autonomous eVTOL delivery services worldwide. 

EmbraerX and Elroy Air officially signed an agreement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 8th, 2020. Although neither company disclosed specifics such about time frame, range, or cost, they announced that they are now exchanging information and designs with each other. Together, they hope to produce key results in the near future. 

“The objective of this collaboration is to bring Embraer’s 50 years of experience to Elroy Air, and for Elroy Air to bring to Embraer the mindset of a startup,” said Antonio Campello, president and chief executive of Embraer, “We have a vision of the future that urban air mobility, of people or cargo transport, will bring lots of benefit to society and it is also a huge business opportunity.”

Currently, Elroy Air’s VTOL, the Chaparral, can operate using airport infrastructure and can carry 250-500 lbs (114-136kg) of cargo over 300 miles (480km). Elroy is targeting certification in 2022 via the FAA’s 21.17(b) Very Light Airplanes designation. The intended purposes for the aircraft include commercial, humanitarian aid and military missions. The Chaparral possesses a hybrid-electric powertrain with no charging station required, and can autonomously load and unload cargo.

The Elroy Air Chaparral in flight. The Chaparral is large, weighing over 1200lbs.

“Elroy is a good cultural fit for us,” Campello added. “They have a bold vision and are proposing something that also has everything to do with our vision of the future.”

Why it’s important: In addition to VTOL hardware, EmbraerX aims to create a smart air traffic control (ATC) system for the aerial mobility industry. CEO of Embraer Antonio Campello sees Elroy as the perfect partner for this vision. The mutually beneficial partnership will give Elroy Air access to a wide range of Embraer’s resources during aircraft development, while EmbraerX looks to gain new insight for their own “innovation” projects from Elroy’s designs. 

Source // Aviation Today

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