The summit is planned to be held October 1 and 2, 2018 in San Francisco, California at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The event’s mission is “The future of aviation. In two days.”

The website continues to describe the event in more detail: “Revolution.Aero is the global meeting place for people who are reshaping, rethinking and revolutionizing business and personal aviation.

A venue for the people leading aero mobility and the second century of powered flight.

The event will bring together new start-ups disrupting the market with companies that have been leading the industry for decades. It will help investors, journalists and opinion formers understand this uniquely regulated industry and help regulators plot the future.”

The conference will host a number of 15 minute lightning talks – similar to TED talks – and also longer talks that go more in depth. A number of startups, along with established aerospace companies, are planning on attending.

Why it’s important: Revolution.Aero is the biggest flying car and taxi conference in the eVTOL industry for the fall of 2018 – and will bring together the industry’s biggest innovators, regulators, and visionaries that are already advancing urban mobility technologies.


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