A team of faculty, students, and staff from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, along with FAA regulators and Volans-i UAS systems engineers helped support the longest range UAV package delivery in the United States to date in Austin, TX. Team Roadrunner, as they were called, “consisted of the FAA-designated Nevada UAS Test Site (Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems), Volans-i UAS, Latitude UAS, AUV Flight Services and an Embry-Riddle Worldwide contingency”.

The record-breaking UAV flew almost 98 miles in 54 minutes using cellular connectivity and radio communications from observers while navigating the National Airspace System on a pre-planned route.

Why it’s important: This test solidifies the long-range capabilities of UAS’s. Although long range is not always required, the test also successfully incorporates a UAS into the National Airspace System, which is a sticking point of contingency for personal urban eVTOL transportation’s success.

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