The Swiss-based team that brought the aEro1 electric aerobatic aircraft demonstrator to fruition has recently unveiled its plans for the aEro2. The aEro2 is claimed to be a two-seat tilt wing configuration with range of up to 120km (75 miles) on purely electric power. With a backup Auxiliary Power Unit, the aEro2 may fly as far as 800 km (500 miles). Cruise speed estimates are on the order of 200 mph. The aEro2 also marks Dufour’s entry into the eVTOL industry – previously their aEro1 aircraft was a demonstrator for their electric propulsion systems.

Why it’s important: Dufour Aerospace’s innovation for electrically-powered aircraft is important for the eVTOL industry because advancements in electrical propulsion systems, regardless of their originally intended application (in this case from the aEro1 to an eVTOL, the aEro2), will undoubtedly influence and improve the current systems in place among all eVTOL’s in development.


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