The CoMotion conference on future mobility,  featuring 85 speakers and hundreds of participating industry experts, is coming to Los Angeles.

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CoMotion LA is an exciting yearly conference designed to bring together the most important stakeholders in urban mobility, including government representatives, transportation startups, key industry players, and more. Notable speakers include Joshua L. Schank, Metro’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Walder, CEO of Hyperloop, Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti, and more.

This year, a key focus CoMotion will be discussing urban aerial mobility. TransportUP is partnering with CoMotion LA to help inform the public about the coming age of point to point and shared eVTOL services. This conversation is particularly relevant as Uber Elevate, Uber’s eVTOL division, has set a goal launching eVTOL services in Los Angeles by 2023, with demonstration flights beginning in 2020.

Aerial mobility participants in CoMotion LA include Travis Mason, Vice President of Urban Air Mobility at Airbus, and Bruce Holmes, CTO of hydrogen-powered eVTOL developer Alaka’i Technologies. Alaka’i Technologies announced its vision for hydrogen-powered passenger flight earlier this summer, while Airbus’s urban aerial mobility arm has been working on several potential designs for urban air transport systems.

Alakai Technologies’ Skai, a hydrogen-powered eVTOL. Alaka’i is a partner to LA CoMotion 2019

On Thursday, November 14th, CoMotion LA will feature a keynote session on urban aerial mobility, considering issues like infrastructure, regulatory policy, external effects on the surrounding city, and the overall potential of eVTOL services in cities like Los Angeles. In addition, urban air mobility will be one the four categories in the L.A New Mobility Challenge, a startup competition which will award winners with financial resources and connections with top transportation policy makers and venture capitalists.

Attendees at CoMotion LA will get to partake in curated discussions, expert meetings, press conferences and private receptions, as well as have exclusive admission to the CoMotion LA Expo innovation showcases, exhibits, cutting edge mobility demonstrations and more.

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Why it’s important: Los Angeles is currently one of the world’s centers for development in transportation, having recently invested billions in transportation infrastructure. Its ecosystem includes public transit, on demand ride-share, e-scooters and bicycles, and more. As one of the world’s cities most focused on innovative mobility, Los Angeles is primed for the coming aerial mobility market. CoMotion LA can help encourage and facilitate steps forward.

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