Slovakian AeroMobil unveiled plans for their flying car (dubbed the 5.0 VTOL) Wednesday, which intends to take off vertically using tilt-rotors and then transition to forward moving flight. The 5.0 VTOL can also drive on roads, thanks to its conventional automotive chassis arrangement. Here’s an artist’s rendering of the 5.0:

The 5.0 is the successor to the 3.0 STOL and the 4.0 STOL made by AeroMobil, which is still receiving orders for the 4.0 STOL model at $1.3 million apiece. The estimated timeframe for completion of design and production of the 5.0 VTOL is in the range of “7 to 10 years” claims AeroMobil.

Why it’s important: AeroMobil is taking a different approach to the flying car. While most are promoting eVTOL’s that are optimized for the air, AeroMobil’s planned 5.0 VTOL is optimized for both on-road and in-sky operation.

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