A landing pad for the VRCO NeoXcraft is being built in the garden of a $12.5 million home in the UK. VRCO has released a set of images showing the planned landing area, which comes with a renewable energy recharging system for the two-seater aircraft. VRCO Landing PadVRCO is based in Derby, UK, and has been developing the NEOXCraft since its founding in 2015. The NeoXCraft is one of the top aircraft soon to enter the UK eVTOL market with a planned first flight in 2019 and an intended certification date of 2020. 

VRCO has recently made large strides in their development process by partnering with property developer Guy Phoenix to develop a landing pad for a new home in the village of Edwalton. The landing pad is six meters in diameter, and will reach completion in April. Key to the landing pad is an integrated solar and wind system to recharge the vehicle, and an ‘etched data store code’ which will allow the aircraft to land autonomously.

VRCO NeoXCraft landing pad

Real estate developer Guy Phoenix is considering purchasing a VRCO NeoXCraft to to offer as part of the sale of the Nottingham home. A mockup of the aircraft will be at the house’s launch event this spring.

The addition of the landing pad to this house represents the beginning of a major shift in how real estate will work with flying cars. By eVTOL, the home is only 30 minutes from London, while normally a 2.5 hour drive. Many experts in the industry have predicted that the existence of eVTOL services will eventually raise the appeal of living further away from major cities, as they will allow people to live in less populate areas and still commute to work in cities quickly.

VRCO NeoXcraft landing pad

The VRCO NeoXCraft would turn a 2.5 hour drive into a 30 minute commute

Said VRCO CEO Dan Hayes, “The house itself has been built to a level rarely seen in construction in both design, finish and technology, so together the Guy Phoenix brand delivering luxury homes and the VRCO brand soon to deliver the future, I am sure will work well together.”

To learn more about the specifications and features of the VRCO NeoXCraft, have a look our NeoXCraft Vehicle Page.

VRCO NeoXCraft

Why its important: This home in Nottingham is one of the first in the world to build a private landing pad for an eVTOL. With VRCO’s expected certification date in 2020, the occupant of this home could be one of the first in the world to own and actively use a private eVTOL.

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