Georgia Tech HummingBuzz

Quick Summary

The Georgia Tech Hummingbuzz is a conceptual design for a human carrying hover bike that was part of the Boeing sponsored GoFly competition.

Georgia Tech Student Group

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Team Background

Working together for two full semesters to design Hummingbuzz was a broad base of Georgia Tech undergrad and grad students: Yuanxin (Adam) Shen (AE), Shuyi (Suzie) Wang (ISYE), Brian Eberle (ME), Alistair Sequeira (AE). The effort was headed up by AE professor Daniel Schrage,  with  mentoring from his colleagues Prof. Marilyn Smith and Prof. J.V.R. Prasad, and AE research engineers Apinut Sirirojvisuth, and Sylvester V. Ashok.

Our Take on the Humming Buzz

The GT HummingBuzz was one of the 10 winners of Phase I of the Boeing GoFly contest - a competitive world-wide effort that sought to explore innovative efforts in the world of eVTOL and personal urban transport. The team was awarded $20,000 to continue their design efforts and begin to build a prototype in Phase II of the project.