Quick Summary

The FlytCycle was originally developed and tested in 2017, and is currently being improved until a finalized design iteration is decided on - at which point the complete aero styling of the aircraft will be completed.

Flyt Aerospace

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

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Commercially Operating
Technical Details

From the Fly Aerospace Site:

Latest News

Right now we're focused on recruiting and fundraising, but hope to get back to flying soon.  We have custom components in production that will lead to dramatic performance improvements on the next version.  Speaking of the next version...

We're also releasing the latest concept art for the next Flytycle:

The next FlytCycle includes numerous safety upgrades and performance improvements!

About the FlytCycle

It's hard to believe, but we built the current FlytCycle prototype in just three short weeks.  Since its completion we've already several hundred test flights and it's the best flying vehicle we've ever made, plus it's been a ton of fun to be able to fly it around and see what it can do!

It can fly for 10-15 minutes on a single set of batteries and weights ~165lbs empty.  We're currently testing it in more challenging environments such as dusty fields to prove how well it works.

Although it's powerful enough to fly a person, it's small enough to fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck!

Our Take on FlytCycle

The FlytCycle is a rapidly developed and highly iteratively designed hover bike that was designed and built in under 3 weeks. The Flytcycle is currently barebones, but the next iterations feature more aerodynamic surfaces to aid in airflow, and also ducts for the rotors on the Flytcycle to protect the user from the spinning blades. There isn't much more information on the FlytCycle at the moment, but the team is moving quite fast, so keep tabs on Flyt Aerospace.