Quick Summary

FLUTR Motors is developing a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft powered by sustainable energy sources including bio-diesel, electric, and hydrogen power. The vehicle is designed with the everyday user in mind, providing personal air travel at a reasonable price. Ultimately, FLUTR strives to develop a sustainable and safe aircraft requiring minimal flight training, while being capable of generating a low noise footprint, flying at fast speeds, maneuvering well in strong winds and in almost any weather conditions, providing door-to-door service, and having a minimal storage footprint.

FLUTR, based in Munich, Germany

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating

Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Winged VTOL

Powerplant: Hybrid-Electric, eventually hydrogen fuel cell or all-electric planned for later versions

Range: 125mi / 200km

Top Speed: 150mph / 250kph

Propeller Configuration: Four ducted fan tilting units with four propellers. Rotors tilt forward for horizontal flight, while struts act as a lift surfaces.

Passenger/Payload Capacity: Two-seater, with room for luggage

Autonomy Level: Pilot-assistance

Dimensions: Listed as 'SUV-sized'

Other Information

Cruise Altitude: Operates between 500 ft to 1500 ft above the ground.

Safety Features: Rapid inflating parachute, airbags and energy absorbing seats.

Storage Configuration:  All tilting ducted propeller housing fold towards the fuselage for ease of storage in a small space.

Our Take on FLUTR

FLUTR has its sights set on the present and near future of aerial mobility, and is targeting wealthy individuals seeking personal ownership of a highly maneuverable and sustainably-powered air vehicle. CEO Cameron Spencer does not foresee regulations and infrastructure in dense urban areas maturing to allow aerial mobility in the next five to ten years; therefore, FLUTR has chosen to design for personal use as opposed to a commercially operable vehicle. The first iteration of the tilt-rotor aircraft is already available to be preordered on FLUTR's website and, if successful, could be the source of additional research and development funds, or necessary capital for ramping up production.