EAC Whisper

Quick Summary

The EAC Whisper is a two seat eVTOL being developed in Caromb, France. The Whisper's design aims to provide the 'pleasure of rotorcraft flight without constraints of helicopter', by reducing noise levels, maintenance costs, and size. The EAC uses 8 rotors for vertical and forward thrust during flight. EAC plans to manufacture 10 units in 2020, 20 units in 2021, and 40 units in 2022. Expected price will be between 150,000 and 180,000 Euros.

Electric Aircraft Concept, a Caromb, France, company

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Wingless VTOL

Powerplant: All-electric

Range: About 30 miles / 50 km (30 minutes of flight)

Top Speed: Undisclosed

Propeller Configuration: 8 electrically-driven lift/thrust rotors

Passenger/Payload Capacity: 1 pilot + 1 passenger

Autonomy Level: Piloted

Dimensions:  Undisclosed

Our Take on the Whisper

The EAC Whisper is still in early design and testing stages, but the design methodology of the Electric Aircraft Concepts group is sound, following that of many other successful eVTOLs such as the Volocopter, Workhorse SureFly, and Lift Hexa. Although there has not been many news updates on the Whisper, the aircraft was present at the AERO 2017 show in Friedrichshafen, and published and videos of the first open air flight tests in November of 2018, which shows promise for the company's future.