EAC Whisper

Quick Summary

The EAC Whisper is a two seat eVTOL being developed in Caromb, France. One of the main goals of the Whisper is to reduce noise during flight. The EAC uses 8 rotors for vertical and forward thrust during flight.

Electric Aircraft Concept, a Caromb, France, company

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

No current technical details are available on the Whisper at this time. From the EAC website:

Price, excluding tax: 180,000-220,000 USD
Expected availability: 2020
Engines: 8 electric
Rotors: 8 fixed pitch
Seating capacity: 2, including pilot
Flight time: 30 minutes, with improvements expected

Our Take on the Whisper

The Whisper is still in early design and testing stages, but the design methodology for the Electric Aircraft Concepts group is sound. Not much has been released in terms of information about the Whisper since it was announced last year at the AERO 2017 show Friedrichshafen. However, assumptions assert that a physical prototype is in works in preparation for a first flight and subsequent flight testing.