DIGI Droxi

Quick Summary

The DIGI Droxi is being developed in Dubai, UAE by DIGI Drones, which is scaling its experience with smaller drone technologies to a passenger-carrying variant.

DIGI Robotics, based in Dubai

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details
  • Aircraft Type: VTOL with Fixed Wing, Intercity
  • Powerplant: 58kW Electric Engines
  • Range: 270 nm
  • Top Speed: 109 mph
  • Propeller Configuration: 6 tilting motors
  • Passenger/Payload Capacity:
  • Autonomy Level: Piloted with Semi-Autonomy
  • Wingspan: 28.5 ft

  • Our Take on DIGI

    DIGI has extensive experience in the unmanned vehicle field - but not much in aerospace. The biggest hurdle for DIGI to overcome in order to bring their Droxi Air Taxi to market is the aerospace expertise required to design a smart solution to the eVTOL problem. DIGI has the resources and infrastructure in place for manufacturing advanced vehicles; this process must be shifted toward the flight space.