DeLorean Aerospace DR7

Quick Summary

The DeLorean Aerospace DR7 is being developed by Paul DeLorean in Laguna Beach, CA. The DR7 features a futuristic monocoque fuselage design coupled with ducted fans for propulsion.

Delorean Aerospace, based in Laguna Beach, CA, USA

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

There are no technical details released on the DR7 at this time, but from their website:


To bring the freedom and exhilaration of personal air transportation to the masses. With superior design and engineering, our advanced architecture provides a practical, elegant, and extremely safe alternative to conventional aircraft, with airport-free convenience.


For generations we have been promised a future of exciting options for sky travel, yet in the past century aircraft designs have changed little, with the best choices far out of reach for all but a select few military aviators or the extremely wealthy. At DeLorean Aerospace, we are actualizing the dream of practical and accessible air mobility with our DR-7 aircraft.


From DeLorean's product overview: Today, we have prioritized resource conservation and air quality over reducing road congestion and commute times... why not do both? Pairing a zero-emission modern electric power system with a lightweight yet highly stable platform, the vehicle that was once only of dreams - fast, efficient, and simple to operate, is finally becoming a reality.


The DR-7 has been designed with a number of unique technologies for improved safety and overall functionality. With an industry-first centerline twin vectoring propulsion system, stall-resistant canard design, and multiple patent-pending features, our aircraft is intrinsically safer. With an incredibly low drag coefficient, the DR-7 maximizes range under fully electric power. We have been issued U.S. patent #9,085,355, and have additional domestic and foreign patents pending.

Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Intercity VTOL, fixed wing

Powerplant: electric ducted fans (assumed)

Range: undisclosed

Top Speed: undisclosed

Propeller Configuration: 2 rotating electric ducted fans

Passenger/Payload Capacity: 1 passenger

Autonomy Level: Semi-Autonomous

Wingspan/Dimensions: undisclosed

Our Take on the DR7

DeLorean Aerospace has a sleek concept with a reasonable estimate of the amount of work required to successfully bring it to market. Their biggest benchmark of success will be continued flight testing and refining of their 1/3rd scale proof of concept model. Check back in for updates on the progression of model testing and a possible announcement that DeLorean has begun design and build work on its full-size model.