Quick Summary

The DEKATONE Flying Car is a concept created by Gary Daprato and Charles Bombardier of Imaginactive, an industrial design company based in Toronto, Canada. The goal of the Dekatone concept is to make flying as simple as driving a ground-based car by using a harmonized, rapidly actuating, gimbaled variable thrust set to the four corners of an aircraft to create multiple centers of gravity. 

Imaginactive, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

The DEKATONE Flying Car does not have any published technical specifications.

Our Take on Dekatone

Notably, the Dekatone flying car concept isolates pitch and roll movements at each rotor in order to reduce rolling effects on passengers and make piloting more like 2-dimensional road driving. However, even though a small-scale proof of concept prototype has been created, the Dekatone Flying Car is likely to remain in concept phase since no updates or funding news has been announced.