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Dufour’s Vision for Regional Air Mobility

19 March 2019 || 4 min read

Dufour Aerospace, based near the Swiss Alps, believes in Regional Air Mobility as opposed to Urban Air Mobility. Since 2015, Dufour Aerospace has worked on its vision for eVTOL mobility. It started with successful flights of the aEro1 electric airplane and is now working on building the prototype aEro2, a two-seater tilt-wing hybrid eVTOL capable of travel up to 800km. Dufour Aerospace believes...

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Dufour Aerospace

The Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturer, EHang, is one of the many companies progressing the urban air mobility industry as the idea of autonomous air taxis approaches reality. However, “innovation requires acceptance”. That is why EHang has joined a strategic partnership with FACC, the Austrian aviation company, and ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4. ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 is a company with a mission to promote...

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Alongside the Vahana and Pop.Up Next, Airbus is also taking on the endeavor of building the CityAirbus, an unmanned air taxi currently being prototyped in Donauworth, Germany. Since 2016, Airbus has been testing components and systems of the CityAirbus in order to validate its design and eventually fly a full-scale model. Airbus describes their vehicle as “a multi-passenger, self-piloted electric...

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Goodyear came out with a new concept tire that could help merge travel through road and the air. The Aero is modeled similarly to a VTOL aircraft (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), utilizing the spokes in the tire as propellor blades during flight. Ideally, this would allow a car to take off in flight from a stable surface with no issues....

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PAL-V Reveals the ‘Liberty Pioneer’

07 March 2019 || 2 min read

With production scheduled to begin next year, PAL-V revealed a special edition of its ‘Liberty’ flying car earlier this week at the Geneva Motor Show. According to PAL-V, the new ‘Liberty Pioneer’, will be first out for delivery with a production run of only 90 units. This special version of the original PAL-V Liberty will have tailor-made leather interior, carbon materials,...

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PAL-V Liberty 'Pioneer'

Startup company Blainjett Aviation has released a new breakthrough for the field of rotary-wing aviation. Their new conceptual design, termed “dynamic variable pitch”, is an innovative upgrade to propeller technologies that looks to change the way new rotary-wing aircraft are designed. The dynamic variable pitch technology will automatically stabilize and regulate propellers or rotors to improve the overall speed and...

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Earlier this year, both ASX (formerly known as Aerospace X) and Transcend Air announced that they will partner with VerdeGo to develop their vehicle’s propulsion systems. Until September of last year, VerdeGo had planned to make its own VTOL aircraft. The company then pivoted to providing IDEP (integrated distributed electric propulsion) systems to other aircraft makers. Since then, it has successfully partnered...

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ASX partners with Verdego Aero

Watch Airbus Vahana’s 50th Test Flight

28 February 2019 || 3 min read

In Vahana’s latest test flight, the vehicle exhibits the capabilities of its tilting wing, transitioning from vertical take-off to horizontal flight. The above video comes from Zach Lovering, project executive for Vahana at A³. The Vahana takes off vertically, tilts its wings for transition into horizontal flight, stops, turns around, and lands. The aircraft flies for 7 minutes at speeds up to 57mph,...

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Airbus Vahana

Beta Technologies Exits Stealth Mode

23 February 2019 || 3 min read

Kyle Clark, Founder of Beta Technologies, has been quietly accumulating top talent from GE, Scaled Composites, Lord/Microstrain, Aurora Flight Sciences and other companies on the cutting-edge of aviation technology to develop and test the Ava XC prototype aircraft. Until an undisclosed amount of funding was received from United Therapeutics last year, Beta had been in “stealth mode” for almost two...

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From EHANG’s Latest Press Release CAAC Issues Guidance on UAV Airworthiness Certification On January 23rd, 2019, the Airworthiness Department of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued the Guidance on UAV Airworthiness Certification based on Operational Risks, aiming at establishing a risk-based UAV airworthiness management system by the end of 2019. A total of five Chinese UAV companies were authorized...

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EHANG Banner

Kaydon Stanzione, a New Jersey engineer and entrepreneur, and the founder of Jaunt Air Mobility, has been quietly developing his company with little to no media presence. This has been a trend with other rising eVTOL companies such as Beta Technologies, where focus has been placed almost exclusively on development, for a leaner – and possibly quicker – road to...

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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn, authored by Mehmet Emre YAZICI. * The word “shape” is freely used to describe the external configuration of the aircraft. Why Airframe Shape is Important? For the first time in known history, humankind is this close to make the “flying-car” a reality. Today, 70+ manufacturers worldwide, (including; Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Embraer, Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Volvo, etc.) are seriously involved...

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The Right Shape UAM

Hoversurf’s New Video Blog

13 February 2019 || 2 min read

Hoversurf, the maker of the acclaimed Hoversurf Hoverbike, has begun a new video blog discussing urban air mobility. This week, Alex Atamanov explains the Venturi engine, which uses an electric ducted fan. Electric ducted fans are part of many popular VTOL designs: Follow Hoversurf on Youtube Hoversurf began delivering its Hoverbike to customers in September of 2018, starting with the Dubai police...

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The Skyworks Global VertiJet™

05 February 2019 || 3 min read

Skyworks Global- A company that’s specialized in ‘gyroplanes’ for over twenty years-is producing a powerful VTOL business aircraft. With the Skyworks Global Heliplane ready to manufacture, and the HAWK-5 already in the air, the company is well set as a powerful player in the VTOL aircraft space. The Skyworks Global Verti-Jet is a business conversion of existing technology used in the...

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Skyworks Verti-Jet

Boeing’s newest passenger air vehicle (PAV) made its first flight in Manassas, VA yesterday, completing a takeoff, hover, and landing flight profile. The aircraft was designed and developed by Boeing NeXt, which leads the company’s urban air mobility development efforts. Boeing NeXt and subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences verified some of the vehicles autonomous functions and ground control systems during the...

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