Category: Regulations

The atmosphere is ripening for flying cars, including advancements in energy storage, electric motors, public acceptance, and regulatory environment. Companies like Uber, Airbus, E-Volo, Lilium Aviation and many others are all trying to get into the (air)space. Originally designed as cars with wings, prototypes are taking the form of small vehicles that take off and land vertically (VTOL) for short...

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Considerations of Flying Cars in India

25 June 2017 || < 1 min read

The Problem: A 25-mile commute in Delhi takes an average of 3 hours. A Solution: Flying cars enable Indian urbanites to fly over traffic jams, saving potentially millions of hours of productivity per day. Uber Elevate imagines a network of small e-VTOL vehicles that can quickly pick up and drop off passengers at certain locations, cutting hour-long commute times to...

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