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Regulatory agencies may be given a hard time for not “accommodating” new aircraft certification requirements, but they’re working harder than you’d think to ensure the safety of soon-to-be certified eVTOL aircraft worldwide. A Regulatory Overview for Urban Air Mobility There’s a huge amount of responsibility entrusted in regulatory agencies that goes unacknowledged. While the volume of commercial airline trips approached 16 million...

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How EASA Proposes to Approach eVTOL Certification

18 February 2019 || 5 min read

EASA’s Proposed Special Condition for VTOL Certification notice is the result of the realization that VTOL certification standards are not, and never were, specifically constructed for the purposes of certifying the VTOL aircraft that are being designed, manufactured, and tested today. While the mechanics of flight have not changed for these aircraft, the traditional certification guidelines that supported either fixed-wing...

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Airbus Surveys Public Sentiment of UAM

17 February 2019 || 3 min read

The results are in and Airbus claimed that, overall, 44.5% percent of people’s initial reaction to Urban Air Mobility initiatives is positive. The goal of this survey was to obtain an understanding of the public’s general opinion, concerns, and attitudes toward this new and growing segment of the aerospace market. To conduct this study, Airbus questioned residents in Mexico City,...

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EASA’s Approach to Urban Aircraft Certification

04 February 2019 || 3 min read

The European Aviation Safety Agency has released proposed certification guidelines for Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft that intends to accommodate the ever-growing number of new aircraft that are being designed and developed worldwide. In a memo sent out last October, EASA announced their proposed “Special Condition” VTOL certification guidelines. This document contains a framework for the certification of light...

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Volocopter for ADAC study

GAMA And Urban Air Mobility

16 January 2019 || 3 min read

The General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA) has acknowledged the progress of the urban air mobility industry as it continues to work with regulatory bodies to provide definition for certification paths of Urban Aircraft. With the sheer volume of investment in the urban air mobility industry within the last year (read – the figure tops $1 Billion USD) the rate of...

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The Lindbergh Foundation, created in 1977 by Charles Lindbergh, General James Doolittle, Sir Edmund Hillary, and other friends of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, is continuing to provoke discussions on the future of flight and the innovations of the next 20 years of aerospace. The Foundation hosted a 2018 Lindbergh Innovation Form at EAA AirVenture which brought leaders from across...

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Lindbergh Innovation Forum Header

AeroMobil has taken the next step in the certification of their AeroMobil 4.0 Flying Car by applying for a Type Certificate with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). In 2019, AeroMobil will also seek to show compliance with the European Vehicle Certification Authority, proving both air and road-worthiness for the 4.0 Short Takeoff and Landing Flying Car. The AeroMobil 4.0...

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AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL

European aviation regulators and corporate officials from eight countries met last month to address growth in the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) market. Talks led by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) took place in Brussels and Cologne. Discussion was centered around safely introducing the support structure necessary for “making flying more accessible to the public”. Talks included sessions...

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Rolls Royce eVTOL flying taxi concept

AOPA Affirms Interest in Urban Air Mobility

03 December 2018 || 4 min read

AOPA, a nationally recognized advocate and support network for general aviation, has sent a letter to NASA stating its interest in participating in NASA’s upcoming ‘Grand Challenge’ series. AOPA is short for the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association. The organization has existed since its founding in 1939 at Wings Field in Pennsylvania. Since then, it has grown to become a...

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AOPA seeks to collaborate with NASA

SkyGrid is a new company jointly founded by Boeing and SparkCognition to build AI-powered software for managing airspace with autonomous vehicles. SkyGrid’s purpose is to integrate all urban airspace traffic including cargo and passenger air vehicles as well as package delivery drones. According to its website, “SkyGrid is the world’s first artificial intelligence and blockchain-powered aerial operating system for next-generation...

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After its recent Urban Air Mobility Industry Day November 1st-2nd, NASA has announced its partnership with NextNav, a three dimensional mapping software.Unlike most traditional location services, maps by NextNav offer vertical accuracy as well as traditional GPS positioning. NASA plans to utilize NextNav’s Metropolitan Beacon System (MBS) as part of its testing efforts at its research center in Langley Virginia....

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On Nov 1-2nd in Seattle, NASA held an Industry Day to prepare over 400 stakeholders for its upcoming Urban Air Mobility ‘Grand Challenges’. With this Industry Day, NASA hopes to connect itself with the wider industry, and to prepare all stakeholders for the first Grand Challenge, which will take place in 2020. The Grand Challenges are partly aimed at inspiring...

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Nasa Urban Air Mobility Industry Day Concept Image

CEO of Boeing Dennis Muilenberg recently spoke at the Geekwire Summit early this October. His main point was this: The definition of ‘airplane’ is broadening quickly, and the new range of vehicles about to entire our airspace will require and entirely new eco-system. Muilenburg spoke extensively about air taxi systems, focusing on big picture idea that one day soon, there...

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Boeing CEO Air taxi concept

On October 18th at the Autonomy and Urban Mobility Summit in Paris, the Volocopter team announced that it will collaborate with the government of Singapore to begin testing its eVTOL air taxis in the second half of 2019. The goal of Volocopter’s coming tests in Singapore is to validate feasibility of establishing air taxi services in an urban environment like...

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Volocopter Air Taxi Concept Photo

NASA has made its stance in the new flying car industry clear by recognizing Urban Air Mobility (UAM) as the next step in aviation innovation. In 2020, NASA will commence the first of it’s series of urban air mobility ‘Grand Challenges‘. These challenges will focus on allowing companies with new flight technologies to successfully demonstrate full system safety. Part of...

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Nasa Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge