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Rolls-Royce to Power Vertical Aerospace eVTOL

14 March 2021 || 2 min read

Vertical Aerospace has selected Rolls-Royce to develop electric motors for its prototype. The eVTOL configuration features 4 tilting motors and 4 vertical lift motors. The hybrid configuration allows for speeds up to 200mph and a 120-mile range. According to Rolls-Royce, “Vertical Aerospace is a key collaboration for Rolls-Royce Electrical as it marks our first commercial deal in the UAM market...

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Historically, Joby Aviation had been quietly ramping up production and initial flight tests of its air taxi eVTOL prototype, until today. The company released this week a pair of videos showcasing their prototype during a flight test. Notably, the video highlights the prototype’s ability to take off, transition to horizontal flight, and return for landing. The videos follows the recent...

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