Workhorse's HorseFly system integrates ground and air transportation.
Featured Workhorse To Launch Pilot Program Under A New Partnership with USOG

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eVTOLs have benefits that helicopters won’t be able to compete with. Helicopters are the world’s current solution to aerial mobility: a time proven system that effectively transports people and goods short to medium distances, with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities to boot. Air taxi services utilizing helicopters have operated since the 1950’s, New York Airways being one of the famed...

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Helicopter at Sunrise

German Urban Air Mobility Company Volocopter raises new capital Volocopter announced Sunday that they’ve completed a EUR 50 Million first closing of their Series C finding round. Series C was led by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd, followed by new and existing investors from Europe, America, and Asia. Geely Holding and Volocopter also announced that they’ll enter a joint...

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Regulators try to catch flying cars – Saim Saeed

06 September 2019 || 6 min read

UAM faces regulatory and customer perception problems. FARNBOROUGH, England — Drones are here and flying cars are moving from sci-fi to reality — now regulators and potential customers are scrambling to catch up. Aerospace giants like Airbus and Boeing, tech companies like Uber and even McDonald’s are betting big on drone deliveries and air taxis. They promise to shorten delivery...

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Summary The reasons electric aircraft make a lot of sense. The electric aircraft sector – the number of electric aircraft in development increased by roughly 50% over the past year to 170. Roland Berger: “All indications suggest that we may be on the cusp of a revolution in the aerospace and aviation industries.” Companies that are leading the electric plane...

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TransportUP Hosts Urban Air Mobility Showcase at EAA AirVenture 2019 Oshkosh, WI, July 22-28 The UAM Showcase will highlight autonomous air vehicles, hover bikes, personal air vehicles and eVTOLs. The upcoming urban air mobility showcase at AirVenture Oshkosh brings to life the nearing future of aviation, showcasing vehicles of all kinds from some of the top new UAM aircraft developers in...

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Drone Racing and Urban Air Mobility

16 July 2019 || 5 min read

As many now know, quadcopter technology has come a long way in the recent years. Drones are now used in photography and videography, in research, and for pure recreation, to name a few areas. They are also on the verge of becoming useful in deliveries, with Amazon Prime and Wing Aviation, among others, getting FAA approval for drone delivery services....

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Goodyear Aero Tire: An In-Depth Look

02 April 2019 || 6 min read

TransportUP recently conducted an interview with the designers and engineers behind the Goodyear Aero tire, which can be both a rotor set for flight and a wheel for traditional land transportation. Although this tire is many years away, it incorporates many of the key technology elements that Goodyear is currently adding to its tires, and pushes Goodyear forward into the...

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BLADE’s on-demand flights are now operating in San Francisco and Silicon Valley for a select few individuals. Here’s how their program and others could potentially shape the future of urban air mobility. BLADE is working to gain an edge in the world of urban air mobility. As one of the few services that is already providing on-demand urban aviation, BLADE...

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Blade's Bay Area UAM Operations

Regulatory agencies may be given a hard time for not “accommodating” new aircraft certification requirements, but they’re working harder than you’d think to ensure the safety of soon-to-be certified eVTOL aircraft worldwide. A Regulatory Overview for Urban Air Mobility There’s a huge amount of responsibility entrusted in regulatory agencies that goes unacknowledged. While the volume of commercial airline trips approached 16 million...

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How EASA Proposes to Approach eVTOL Certification

18 February 2019 || 5 min read

EASA’s Proposed Special Condition for VTOL Certification notice is the result of the realization that VTOL certification standards are not, and never were, specifically constructed for the purposes of certifying the VTOL aircraft that are being designed, manufactured, and tested today. While the mechanics of flight have not changed for these aircraft, the traditional certification guidelines that supported either fixed-wing...

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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn, authored by Mehmet Emre YAZICI. * The word “shape” is freely used to describe the external configuration of the aircraft. Why Airframe Shape is Important? For the first time in known history, humankind is this close to make the “flying-car” a reality. Today, 70+ manufacturers worldwide, (including; Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Embraer, Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Volvo, etc.) are seriously involved...

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The Right Shape UAM

3 steps to prevent the next Gatwick Incident

23 January 2019 || 6 min read

From 19 December to 21 December 2018, hundreds of flights were cancelled at Gatwick Airport near London, England, following 67 reports of drone sightings close to the runway. The incident negatively impacted about 140,000 passengers and disrupted over 1,000 flights during peak holiday travel. Reactions by UK police, military, and government officials exposed a lack of preparation in responding to...

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The Secret Ingredients for Flying Cars in 2019

22 January 2019 || 7 min read

The transportation industry has been at a crossroads between convention and innovation for the last 10 years. In the next 10, we’ll complete the next biggest thing since the advent of the jet engine following World War II. Transportation, medicine, finance, and real estate: all industries that at one point or another undergo a transformation. While some of these periods...

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Competition to Amazon HQ2 Helipads

NASA and Booz’s Executive Brief in Detail NASA and consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton released a joint study on November 12 that outlined future projections of the urban aviation industry. The original executive briefing was presented on October 5th to NASA’s Aeronautics Research Directorate. Before we go into the details of the study, here are some of the key takeaways:...

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Vertical Aerospace Flying Car Aerial View

They’re Great for Cars, But Not so Much Urban Aviation Over the last 20 years, batteries have been one of the slowest developed hardware components in the world. Solar power, advanced materials, and next generation manufacturing processes have all sparked new business and provided the technological momentum to create new industries. All but the battery. In order for the Urban...

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Tesla P90D