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2021 Highlights in Aerial Mobility

02 January 2022 || 5 min read

This year presented a strong showing for aerial mobility with numerous acquisitions, first flights, infrastructure/legislative deals, and massive orders. Heading into the New Year, expect to see market leaders continue pushing towards commercialization of their eVTOL ambitions and increasing public support for safe and sustainable urban aerial mobility. Here were some of this year’s top stories: #5: GM Unveils eVTOL Concept...

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Joby Aviation S4

This article appeared first in Forbes and is shared on TransportUP with permission. Author Dean Donovan is the Co-Founder of Volaris, Mexico’s largest domestic carrier, current Chairman of Stellar Labs, a software company focused on global distribution technologies for private aviation, and Founder of DiamondStream Partners where he invests in aviation and travel businesses. Between 2006 and 2019, remote work expanded...

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Aerial Mobility’s attack on Coronavirus

09 March 2020 || 9 min read

The Aerial Mobility industry is providing Next-gen technology to combat next-gen problems The role of technology and disruptive mobility solutions had a cemented station in the technology sphere across the globe, and a defined and measurable rate of progress, for the most part. Two months ago, that all changed with the rapidly spreading COVID-19 outbreak from China, straining medical personnel,...

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Shenzhen Smart Drone UAV

Hybridization of aerial mobility solutions is crucial to quick progress in the industry and piloting solutions that allow designers to fail “early and often” in the implementation of eVTOL systems. When “fail” is used, it’s not in the sense of a technical shortcoming or mechanical failure, but rather in the sense that the operational platforms and the logistical challenges that...

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Environmental Factors and eVTOL Operations

01 December 2019 || 8 min read

When Day VMC isn’t possible, how will future aerial mobility solutions cope? Aircraft flying across the world encounter varying atmospheric conditions every day: from rain, winds, fog, freezing temperatures to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, aerospace innovation has excelled in addressing the technical challenges of operating aircraft in some of the harshest environments on earth. But, not all that...

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EHang Foggy

How the UAM Working Group Aims to Help Advance Composite Manufacturing Tech Aerospace grade composites have long been regarded as the golden standard for quality and durability. How can single batch production ramp to support the demands of a new industry? Composite manufacturing is common place among aerospace, automotive racing, and other high performance transportation modes – but it’s not...

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UAM Working Group.png

BLADE Urban Air Mobility has expanded its offerings on the West Coast, now availing customers with direct, on demand flights connecting LAX, DTLA, Burbank, the Westside, Orange County, and more in Southern California. Months after the UAM provider brought their San Francisco Bay services into the public realm, they’ve continued to expand their West Coast market to include Southern California....

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Will Boeing and Porsche Bring these Products to Market? This article appeared first in Forbes and is shared on TransportUP with permission. Last week, Boeing and Porsche signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly explore the premium urban air mobility market. The word “explore” suggests they think premium UAM remains some ways off. Given that Porsche doesn’t exactly target fleet...

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Porsche Cayman GT4

eVTOLs have benefits that helicopters won’t be able to compete with. Helicopters are the world’s current solution to aerial mobility: a time proven system that effectively transports people and goods short to medium distances, with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities to boot. Air taxi services utilizing helicopters have operated since the 1950’s, New York Airways being one of the famed...

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Helicopter at Sunrise

German Urban Air Mobility Company Volocopter raises new capital Volocopter announced Sunday that they’ve completed a EUR 50 Million first closing of their Series C finding round. Series C was led by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd, followed by new and existing investors from Europe, America, and Asia. Geely Holding and Volocopter also announced that they’ll enter a joint...

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Regulators try to catch flying cars – Saim Saeed

06 September 2019 || 6 min read

UAM faces regulatory and customer perception problems. FARNBOROUGH, England — Drones are here and flying cars are moving from sci-fi to reality — now regulators and potential customers are scrambling to catch up. Aerospace giants like Airbus and Boeing, tech companies like Uber and even McDonald’s are betting big on drone deliveries and air taxis. They promise to shorten delivery...

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Summary The reasons electric aircraft make a lot of sense. The electric aircraft sector – the number of electric aircraft in development increased by roughly 50% over the past year to 170. Roland Berger: “All indications suggest that we may be on the cusp of a revolution in the aerospace and aviation industries.” Companies that are leading the electric plane...

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TransportUP Hosts Urban Air Mobility Showcase at EAA AirVenture 2019 Oshkosh, WI, July 22-28 The UAM Showcase will highlight autonomous air vehicles, hover bikes, personal air vehicles and eVTOLs. The upcoming urban air mobility showcase at AirVenture Oshkosh brings to life the nearing future of aviation, showcasing vehicles of all kinds from some of the top new UAM aircraft developers in...

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Drone Racing and Urban Air Mobility

16 July 2019 || 5 min read

As many now know, quadcopter technology has come a long way in the recent years. Drones are now used in photography and videography, in research, and for pure recreation, to name a few areas. They are also on the verge of becoming useful in deliveries, with Amazon Prime and Wing Aviation, among others, getting FAA approval for drone delivery services....

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Goodyear Aero Tire: An In-Depth Look

02 April 2019 || 6 min read

TransportUP recently conducted an interview with the designers and engineers behind the Goodyear Aero tire, which can be both a rotor set for flight and a wheel for traditional land transportation. Although this tire is many years away, it incorporates many of the key technology elements that Goodyear is currently adding to its tires, and pushes Goodyear forward into the...

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