Jaunt Air Mobility Journey

Quick Summary

Jaunt Air Mobility is one of the six eVTOL Network partner for Uber Elevate. The Jaunt Journey eVTOL, designed to meet Uber's noise and performance requirements, was originally designed by Carter Aviation, which was recently acquired by Jaunt Air Mobility. The Jaunt eVTOL utilizes Carter Aviation's slowed-rotor compound (SR/C) technology  to provide lift from the vertical rotor even in horizontal flight, and to decrease noise while increasing efficiency and safety. The Jaunt eVTOL is unique among the Uber Elevate partners in that it features only a single lift rotor.

Jaunt Air Mobility

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Winged VTOL, Intercity

Powerplant: hybrid electric, details undisclosed

Range: undisclosed

Top Speed: 184 ktas

Propeller Configuration: 4 pitch controllable rotors, one main lifting rotor

Passenger/Payload Capacity: 5, including one pilot

Autonomy Level: Semi-Autonomous, Autonomous in future

Wingspan/Dimensions: Undisclosed

Other information:

Gross Weight: 5500lbs

Empty Weight (w/o batteries): 3080 lbs

Battery Weight (300Wh/Kg): 1320lbs

Useful Load: 1100lbs

Our Take on Jaunt Air Mobility

Carter Aviation, the original designer of the Jaunt Air Mobility eVTOL, has had plenty of experience is designing, flight testing, and certifying aircraft for flight. While the design was the company's first eVTOL, it has been designing and prototyping gyrocopters (a cross between airplanes and helicopters) since as early as 1994. The Jaunt Journey is unique in that it features a single lift rotor, this approach to meeting noise and performance requirements may give it an edge over other designs, especially in the path to certification, as the aircraft is classified as a Gyrodyne (rotorcraft). This classification allows the application of already existing regulatory structure and requirements to the aircraft, whereby other concepts are reliant on the completion of established eVTOL certification standards.