Carter Aviation Technologies CarterCopter

Quick Summary

The Carter Aviation Technologies CarterCopter is a VTOL that can carry 5 passengers with 1 pilot onboard, as well as reasonably meet Uber's eCRM noise requirements for VTOL transports in urban areas. The CarterCopter has four pull-configured propellors on its small wing in addition to one large main rotor that provides substantial lift, enabling vertical flight.

Carter Aviation Technologies, a Wichita Falls, TX company.

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Cruise Speed: 175mph

Gross Weight: 5500lbs

Empty Weight (w/o batteries): 3080 lbs

Battery Weight (300Wh/Kg): 1320lbs

Useful Load: 1100lbs

Our Take on the CarterCopter

Carter Aviation Technologies is no stranger to flight testing and designing and developing new products - but they've never before designed and developed an eVTOL. While this is new territory for the company, they bring considerable experience onto the table from flight testing and design engineering disciplines. Furthermore, the legacy of the Carter Family in Texas, combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of the company and the agility with which smaller firms can pivot may be key enablers of success for the CarterCopter.