Bell Air Taxi

Quick Summary

The Bell Air Taxi is Bell Flight's newest innovative product that plans to bridge the gap in rapid urban mobility. The concept was originally released at the inaugural Uber Elevate Summit in Dallas, Texas, and was further refined at the 2nd Summit in May of 2018.

Bell Flight, a Fort Worth, TX, USA Company

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

No technical information has been released on the Bell Air Taxi to date. However, the company recently rebranded to Bell Flight - dropping the "Helicopters" suffix to become more oriented to all vertical lift craft. Read TransportUp's coverage of the rebranding here. Additionally, not much new information was revealed by Bell Flight at the 2nd Annual Uber Elevate Summit in Los Angeles, CA in May of 2018 that was not already known from the 2017 unveiling.

Our Take on the Bell Air Taxi

Bell Flight has a large amount of experience in the vertical lift industry - as much as any aerospace company in the world does. However, their expertise in helicopters cannot directly be applied to their eVTOL concept, a disconnect that they are well aware of. With a new regulation process, and undefined mission parameters, Bell is in the unique position of dictating its own future and creating an Air Taxi that fits their proposed performance requirements. If they can leverage the resources of design that they've worked so hard to attain over the years, they'll most likely be successful. Look out for announcements on the building and testing of the Air Taxi later this year.