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GM Unveils eVTOL Concept at CES 2021

16 January 2021 || 3 min read

GM has announced its entry into the aerial mobility space at this year’s CES conference highlighting the latest in consumer technology. The prototype was unveiled at GM’s Exhibit Zero. GM stated the vehicle will be Cadillac-branded and will feature a four-rotor design offering speeds up to 56mph and powered by a 90-kWh battery. While no significant project timelines nor technical...

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The United States Air Force (USAF) has selected Metawave Corporation to provide next-generation radar solutions for eVTOL aircraft.  The contract was awarded as a part of the USAF’s Agility Prime initiative, which seeks to advance the development of enabling technologies required to realize eVTOL platforms by 2023. The initial phase of the study will identify and improve upon the company’s...

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$15M UAS/UAM Testing Facility Opens in Pendleton

19 December 2020 || 3 min read

The city of Pendleton, OR has completed construction of a $15M USD industrial park dedicated to UAS operators and manufacturers. The park is located on the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport and the city envisions the UAS range being used by stakeholders in the aerial mobility and last-mile delivery industries.  The city is nearing completion of two brand new 18,000 sq...

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Lilium, a German-based air taxi developer and leader in aerial mobility and eVTOL technologies, has selected Lufthansa Aviation Training to partner on the development of a pilot sourcing and training program for its Lilium Jet. With the expected advent of commercially available eVTOL platform services over the next few years, pilots will need to become familiar with the new mode...

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Joby Aviation in Talks to Purchase Uber Elevate

04 December 2020 || 3 min read

Multiple sources are reporting the California-based eVTOL startup, Joby Aviation, is negotiating a potential buyout for Uber’s air taxi unit, Uber Elevate. This breaking news would significantly alter the landscape of aerial mobility as Uber, one of the early influencers in the space looks to sell off its stake. Uber has been well known for its white papers, market surveys,...

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SkyDrive, a leader in aerial mobility development in Japan, has announced plans to participate in a public-private roundtable to realize aerial mobility in Osaka and the surrounding region. The company last week said in a press release that it plans to participate in an ongoing roundtable focusing on the implementation of a “moving revolution society” over the skies of Osaka...

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EHang 216 Makes its Korean Debut

13 November 2020 || 3 min read

EHang has today announced the completion of its maiden flight in Korea at this year’s “Open the Urban Sky” Demo Event in Seoul. Following the demonstration, the company plans to fly the 216 prototype over several major Korean cities showcasing its autonomous capabilities. The maiden flight was approved by Korea’s MOLIT after obtaining a special certificate of airworthiness for the...

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TransportUP Partners with CoMotion LA 2020

07 November 2020 || 3 min read

TransportUP has partnered with CoMotion LA in anticipation of their annual event showcasing prominent figures and companies in the aerial mobility space. This year, the conference will be streamed online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but will feature no shortage of speakers and sessions for those interested in learning about the future of urban mobility. “This year’s CoMotion LA...

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Pal-V Liberty Hits the Road in Europe

30 October 2020 || 4 min read

PAL-V has taken a major step forward with its Liberty prototype by achieving street-legal certification in Europe, moving the company one step closer to commercialization. Starting earlier this year, the company worked with regulatory officials to pass the European road admission tests in a rigorous drive test program that tested the PAL-V Liberty’s brake systems, emissions, and maneuverability. Mike Stekelenburg,...

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Pipistrel has selected Honeywell’s Compact Fly-By-Wire system for its Nuuva V300 cargo unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The Fly-By-Wire (FBW) avionics will provide the flight control “brains” to the eVTOL prototype and will offer the capability for safe and efficient autonomous operation. “After years of excellent cooperation in the UAM sector, we chose to work with Honeywell in the development of...

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Pipistrel has selected Honeywell to supply a FBW flight control solution for its Nuuva V300 VTOL prototype.

Volocopter has released the first worldwide study in partnership with ADAC Luftrettung on the role of eVTOL platforms in air rescue operations. The study was has spanned nearly two years of research and technology demonstrations across Bavaria and the Rhineland and has tried to determine if an aerial mobility focused rescue service system can expedite the transport of doctors and...

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uAvionix, a growing avionics leader in aerial mobility, has patented its Direct-Broadcast Remote Identification (RID) technology for unmanned aircraft systems under U.S. Patent 10,733,894. The firm has been working to build a comprehensive suite of communications, navigation, and surveillance avionics for a variety of industry applications for drones all the way through fully-manned general aviation vehicles. “This patent is a...

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Patent filings for uAvionix's Remote ID technology show its potential implementation in service.

General Motors Exploring Aerial Mobility

25 September 2020 || 3 min read

Sources last week reported to a variety of media outlets that Michigan-based General Motors is exploring investment opportunities in the aerial mobility space. In recent months, the company has been seeking growth opportunities in complementary markets to their automotive expertise, two sources familiar with the matter said. Rumors were emboldened when CEO Mary Barra highlighted the synergies between electric vehicles...

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Humatics Secures $30M in Series B Funding

19 September 2020 || 5 min read

Humatics has secured $30 million in Series B funding to scale its sub-millimeter Milo Microlocation System and increase its footprint in the transit industry with its proprietary Rail Navigation System, among other investments, company leadership announced today. Blackhorn Ventures led the funding round, with Tenfore Holdings, Fontinalis Partners, Airbus Ventures, Lockheed Martin Ventures, and Presidio Ventures following suit. The $30...

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Humatics uses UWB, IMU and offers integration with additional sensors for additional safety, and robustness.

Lilium, the Munich-based aviation company developing an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing aircraft for regional air mobility, has agreed with both Dusseldorf Airport and Cologne/Bonn Airport to explore how the two airports can become hubs within a regional air mobility network spanning North Rhine-Westphalia. Lilium plans to establish regional air mobility as a new mode of transportation, using its fully...

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