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EHang is one step closer to realizing its aerial mobility vision EHang today announced its strategic partnership with property developer Heli Chuangxin Real Estate Co. Ltd. to build out an urban air mobility (UAM) demonstration project in Guangzhou. This is a major milestone as EHang prepares for the launch of commercial operations of its much-anticipated autonomous flying taxis. Under the...

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2 EHang passenger-grade AAVs performed simultaneous flight in the downtown area and CBD of Guangzhou city, near the landmark of Canton Tower and LIEDE Bridge where are must-see sightseeing place for all tourists in Guangzhou.

Airbus Invests in Amprius for its Zephyr Project

18 November 2019 || 6 min read

Advanced energy storage capability will be a key technological enabler for aerial mobility and major OEMs are beginning to notice. Airbus has selected Ampirus Inc. of Fremont, CA to power its Zephyr project. Zephyr is a light, unmanned platform which made its first flight in 2014 and operates at high altitudes and low speeds for several weeks at a time....

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Airbus has selected Amprius to power its Zephyr prototype and research battery technology for its aerial mobility programs.

JetPack secures funding to build a futuristic flying motorcycle JetPack has raised a seed round of $2 million from investors indulging Draper Associates, Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, YC, Cathexis Ventures and a group of angels that it says will fund the development of the Speeder’s first functional prototype. Earlier this month, we reported on a competitor, Aviator Cycles, debuting its own...

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Hyundai to Develop Flying Car by 2023

11 November 2019 || 4 min read

Chung Euisun, executive vice chairman at Hyundai Motor Group, has vowed that the auto group will develop its own flying car technology by 2023 and commercialize air taxi service by 2029. Chung Euisun, Executive Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group, has unveiled lofty ambitions of the Korean auto giant taking on aerial mobility at last week’s Mobility Innovators Forum 2019...

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Chung Euisun, executive vice chairman at Hyundai Motor Group, unveiled its plans for UAM at the Mobility Innovators Forum 2019 in San Francisco.

OXIS Energy and Bye Aerospace have begun a 12-month collaborative program announced in late July that seeks to achieve a 50% to 100% increase in flight time from a single charge on Bye Aerospace eAircraft. OXIS has developed an innovative Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) battery technology that offers significant benefits to aviation markets. Compared to existing Li-ion battery systems technology, the...

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eFlyer artist rendering. Source: Bye Aerospace

Aviator Cycles is taking a new approach to aerial mobility with personal air vehicles or PAVs Jeff Chimenti, a Houston-based investor and co-founder of Washington based Aviator Cycles has unveiled its prototype in the Woodlands, Texas, just outside of Houston. The company offers a new take on aerial mobility and intends to focus on the recreation market exclusively with its...

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Another artists' rendition of Aviator Cycles' PAV prototype.

Aerial mobility caught the attention of many in the business and general aviation industry at NBAA’s flagship event This year’s NBAA-BACE (Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) convention in Las Vegas demonstrated the growing public and industry interest in aerial mobility and more sustainable energy sources in aviation. In year’s past, NBAA has hosted eVTOL manufacturers, but this year signaled the...

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Bell's Nexus prototype lures attendees with its impressive design

The world’s first full-scale air taxi vertiport has been unveiled today at the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress in Singapore. The launch of VoloPort speaks to the continuation of success for Volocopter after raising over 50M Euros in its Series C funding round and completion of a staged medical rescue demonstration. The VoloPort is the outcome of an exciting...

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VoloPort unveiled at this month's ITS World Conference in Singapore

Vertical Aerospace becomes the first company in the world to unveil flight footage of an eVTOL aircraft capable of carrying 250kg – the equivalent of a pilot and two passengers. Bristol-based startup Vertical Aerospace has revealed flight footage of an electric vertical take off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) capable of carrying loads of up to 250kg – the first company...

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Vertical Aerospace's Seraph prototype

Workhorse plans to partner with USOG for pilot programs and drone delivery of medical supplies. USOG (Unmanned Systems Operations Group, Inc), a unmanned mobile medical delivery logistics firm and Workhorse, a tech company focused on electric-mobility platforms seem to be a perfect fit as the two intend to deliver medical supplies via drones. The two companies have launched an initial...

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Workhorse's HorseFly system integrates ground and air transportation.

Volocopter has announced plans to fly its first public showcase this month at Singapore’s Marina Bay. The company held a media event at the end of September and has reported the successful completion of numerous test flights in the hot and humid climate. Since arriving in Singapore, Volocopter has received support from the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority...

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An artist's impression of a Volocopter taxi flying near Marina Bay Sands.

SkyDrive Receives Financing Deal Worth $14M

02 October 2019 || 3 min read

SkyDrive has received a $14M USD financing deal through share issuance and subsidiaries Leading flying car developer SkyDrive, established by the members of CARTIVATOR, a group of aircraft, drones, and automotive engineers, has secured 14 Million USD through Third-party share issuance funding and subsidies. A total of 18.5 Million USD has now been raised and manned test flights will begin...

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EHang Considers Filing for US IPO

30 September 2019 || 3 min read

EHang may soon be joining the growing list of Chinese companies seeking US IPO’s. Chinese drone maker and eVTOL manufacturer, EHang, has filed an application for its IPO in the United States. The company aims to offer 10 to 15% of its shares for sale and could raise as much as $200M USD, however EHang declined to provide a valuation...

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EHang continues to complete passenger demonstration flights in Guangzhou. The company seeks a US IPO.

Volocopter Completes First Staged Rescue Operation

26 September 2019 || 4 min read

Volocopter’s first use of manned multicopter in rescue operation staged Just science fiction, or soon a reality in rescuing human lives? In a feasibility study launched by ADAC Luftrettung (air rescue) at the end of 2018 and supported by the charitable ADAC foundation, a multicopter was used for the first time in a staged rescue operation. Covering everything from the...

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ADAC using a Volocopter as part of its ongoing study on eVTOL aircraft.

MMC UAV launched Griflion H which features a record-breaking 15-hour flight time MMC UAV Griflion H is a hydrogen-powered vertical take-off and landing drone with an integrated design. MMC-developed hydrogen fuel battery shows great stability and tremendously extends drone flight time. 15-Hour Flight Time for Enhanced Mission Efficiency The biggest highlight of Griflion H is the elevated flight time thanks...

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