Assen Aero A1

Quick Summary

The Assen Aero A1 is an electric hoverbike that is adapted from a café style motorbike - and the resemblance shows. Three ducted fans allow for propulsion, lift, and stability, and the pilot rides the hoverbike with the same stance that they would a normal motorcycle. Assen Aero was founded by Assen Andonov, an entrepreneur at heart who's been heavily involved in the aerospace industry for most of his life.

Assen Aero

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Company Name: Assen Aero

Power Source: Electric; Batteries

Configuration: Three Ducted Fans

Our Take on the Assen A1

Assen Aero took an intelligent approach to prototyping their A1 hoverbike. Rather than start with an entirely clean-sheet design, the company adapted already established engineering components for their A1 aircraft - the main body comes from a motorcycle, and large ducted fans provide a stable means of propulsion. The market for the A1 does have a few competitors - Kittyhawk's Cora and Hoversurf's S3, namely, but Assen has been able to bring their product to fruition successfully throughout the conceptual design and testing phases. Be on the lookout for sales to start in the coming year.