AIRIS AirisOne

Quick Summary

The AIRIS AirisOne is being developed in Bermuda and features some of the most original design aesthetics of any eVTOL currently being developed. The team is currently expanding in preparation for production of a prototype.

AIRIS Aerospace, based in Hamilton, Bermuda

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Intercity VTOL

Powerplant: All-Electric

Range: 200 miles

Top Speed: 175 mph

Propeller Configuration: Dual co-axial lift fans, 8 articulating thrusters

Passenger/Payload Capacity: 5 passengers

Autonomy Level: Autonomous

Wingspan/Dimensions: undisclosed

Other Information
From the AIRIS website:

From a dream to reality:  We have fully developed the AirisOne concept and have the preliminary assumptions and calculations for sizing complete. Our next phase is to expand our engineering team to refine the design and systems to meet the real world applications of 24/7 service in a multitude of weather conditions and build the flying prototypes to start our data collection.

Propulsion Like No Other VTOL 

Aircraft require massive amounts of lift to launch into flight. AirisOne utilizes a 12 ft diameter central ducted lift fan and a series of 8 forward thrusters to enable quick and energy efficient flight. In addition, Anti-icing technology is embedded in the systems for safe operations in a variety of scenarios.

Autonomous Avionics
In order to operate safely and with high density traffic,  AIRIS is developing a new generation of avionics. The objective to provide a complete package of energy efficiency, passenger safety, stable flight along with an extremely high degree of accuracy in flight position and collision avoidance.

Accessibility for All
In designing an eVTOL aircraft for use in urban transport AIRIS realized early on that the ability for passengers requiring special accessibility is something that many others will overlook. With a front loading ramp, wheel chairs and other mobility assistants can be accommodated.

Our Take on AIRIS

AIRIS has a concept under its belt, an experienced team in both design and corporate aspects, and is currently seeking additional engineering expertise and funding before ramping up their efforts on proof-of-concept designs. Ultimately, the team intends on bringing their full-scale solution to commercial markets worldwide. Monitor how the ramp-up of personnel proceeds for future indications of progress.