Airbus CityAirbus

Quick Summary

The Airbus CityAirbus is the long view approach from the commercial aircraft giant to produce a streamlined passenger air taxi for use around congested urban areas. Airbus formerly created the A^3 Ventures Vahana aircraft as an eVTOL technology demonstrator, and has now moved on to continuing development of the CityAirbus.

Airbus, a Cologne, France Company

Stage of Development

Preliminary Design

Prototype Build

Flight Testing


Commercially Operating
Technical Details

Aircraft Type: Wingless eVTOL, Intracity

Powerplant: All-Electric

Range: 60 miles

Top Speed: 75 mph

Propeller Configuration: 8 lift/thrust rotors (4 dual rotors)

Passenger Capacity:  4 passengers

Autonomy Level: Autonomous

Dimensions: 9ft propellor diameter, 26 ft length

Other Information

The flyer below is posted on the Airbus CityAirbus official site as the full technical specifications for the aircraft:


Our Take on the CityAirbus

Airbus has been working separately on multiple approaches to aerial mobility including the A^3 Vahana and Pop.Up Next, but appears to be giving the most focus to the CityAirbus. Notably, the CityAirbus completed its first successful full-scale test flight in May of 2019, and its first fully autonomous test flight in August of 2020. Although Airbus' vast resources in aviation and multiple aircraft concepts spell success for the company in aerial mobility, Airbus is not one of the parters for the Uber Elevate operator network. This means Airbus will either have to build its own operations platform or find another operator company for its aircraft.