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Falck has announced a collaboration with Silicon Valley’s Kitty Hawk, a company known for its advanced eVTOL aircraft. The emergency response and healthcare company partnered with Kitty Hawk to establish a joint innovation platform involving Project Heaviside, Kitty Hawk’s latest eVTOL aircraft, to be used in EMS operations.  The partnership builds on Falck’s previous drone initiative, Vertical, which focuses on...

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Kitty Hawk Moves On From its Flyer Program

05 June 2020 || 3 min read

Kitty Hawk has announced this week it is ending its Flyer program to focus on its heavier prototype, Heaviside launched last year. This update is to no surprise as the bulk of the eVTOL/aerial mobility market has shifted from the inception of the Flyer to larger vehicles with the ability to carry multiple passengers. Heaviside fits the bill with a...

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Kitty Hawk Heaviside

17 December 2019 || < 1 min read

Quick SummaryProject Heaviside is Kitty Hawk's third developed aircraft, joining the Flyer, a recreational vertical takeoff and landing rotorcraft with a single-seat configuration, and the Cora, Kitty Hawk’s two-passenger autonomous aircraft designed to fit the requirements of aerial mobility applications. Heaviside, named after renowned physicist and electrical engineer Oliver Heaviside, is a small eVTOL aircraft designed to quickly takeoff and...

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Kitty Hawk Corp Rebrands as Wisk

03 December 2019 || 3 min read

Kitty Hawk recently rebranded as Wisk.Aero in a move many news outlets are stating is resultant of turmoil within the company. Regardless, the firms’ planned rollout of aerial mobility solutions in New Zealand is touted on the new website – along with the advantages of New Zealand as a location for piloting urban mobility solutions. Wisk touts the more...

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Kitty Hawk’s Heaviside eVTOL is designed to be fast, small, and exceedingly quiet. Based in Palo Alto, CA, aircraft manufacturer Kitty Hawk has added a third vehicle to its developmental fleet. Project Heaviside joins the Flyer, a recreational vertical takeoff and landing rotorcraft with a single-seat configuration, and the Cora, Kitty Hawk’s two-passenger autonomous aircraft designed to fit the requirements of...

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The Kitty Hawk Flyer, a one-man, manually piloted eVTOL designed for recreational use, has recorded over 25,000 flights with no issues.  Including both the Flyer’s prototype stage as well as its more finalized design, Kitty Hawk recently announced that their aircraft had successfully been flown with reliability over 25,000 times, indicating that the company believes that their eVTOL is ready...

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Boeing and Kitty Hawk Announce Partnership

27 June 2019 || 3 min read

Yesterday, Kitty Hawk Corporation and Boeing officially announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on Urban Air Mobility. Kitty Hawk Corporation is well known for developing the Cora air taxi, which is fully electric, autonomous, and undergoing testing in New Zealand for commercial flights. Kitty Hawk began developing the Cora air taxi in 2010, completed the aircraft’s development in 2017, and...

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Kitty Hawk Cora

Kitty Hawk Aero announced their 2018 recap today, marking the conclusion of a packed year for the Larry Page-backed company. Included in the recap was the announcement that Cora has a Ballistic Parachute Recovery system, not unlike what Cirrus Aircraft use today to achieve their high safety records. Kitty Hawk has not previously disclosed that Cora has such a recovery...

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Cora Diagram

Kitty Hawk and Joby Aviation have received nearly $2m from the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx). DIUx is a Pentagon organization “founded to help America’s military make faster use of emerging technologies”. None of those involved disclosed the funding details at that time. DIUx’s plan for small electric aircraft pragmatic, according to a document that detailed the funding program. “These vehicles will …...

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Pentagon Kitty Hawk

Watch: Kitty Hawk Flight Test

25 June 2017 || < 1 min read

March 2017 || 1 min read The Kitty Hawk Flyer is an all-electric aircraft backed by Google founder Larry Page. It is designed to fly over water with a range of 50 miles or 20 minutes of flight time. It doesn’t require a pilot’s license and takes minutes to learn how to fly. The vehicle will be available for purchase...

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Flying car pioneer Kittyhawk is closing down

25 September 2022 || 3 min read

Kittyhawk, the eVTOL air taxi company building a single-person, remotely-piloted electric aircraft in Palo Alto, CA, has just announced it is shutting down. Founded by self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun and backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, Kittyhawk had been advancing aviation for more than a decade and had built and flown more than 100 aircraft. Wisk, the company’s joint...

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KittyHawk, famously funded in part by Google co-founder Larry Page, has officially received airworthiness approval for its ‘Heaviside’ eVTOL from the U.S Air Force. This means that the KittyHawk Heaviside prototype is no longer only experimental, and can be used for revenue-generating flight tests for the U.S military. The Heaviside is an expertly engineered eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing)...

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Air New Zealand Signs Agreement with Kittyhawk

19 October 2018 || 3 min read

This week, Air New Zealand and Kittyhawk signed an agreement to develop autonomous electric air taxi services for New Zealand’s cities. As a reminder, Kittyhawk is the developer the Cora, an electric vertical take-off and landing air taxi with a range of about 62 miles and a top speed of 110mph. This makes it perfect for short range trips that...

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KittyHawk Flyer

21 June 2018 || < 1 min read

Quick SummaryThe Kitty Hawk Flyer is a personal Hover bike intended for recreational use. It can be operated by anyone, and does not require a pilot's license to be flown. A number of public demonstration flights have already occurred.CompanyKitty Hawk CEOProduct NameKitty Hawk, a California-based corporation, operated by Zephyr Airworks in New Zealand.Sebastian ThrunFlyerStage of DevelopmentPreliminary DesignPrototype BuildFlight TestingCertificationCommercially OperatingTechnical...

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Kitty Hawk Flyer Hover Bike

Watch: Kittyhawk Announces Sister Brand Cora

13 March 2018 || < 1 min read

Larry Page backed Kittyhawk Aero recently announced a sister brand, Cora, that intends on producing an “everyday air taxi”. Cora is currently working with the New Zealand government on manufacturing the vehicle and flight tests have already taken place. The timeline for entry to service is “somewhere around five years” said Kitty Hawk CEO Sebastian Thrun – but that could...

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Kittyhawk Cora