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The EHang 216 Takes Flight in Vienna

08 April 2019 || 4 min read

On April 4th, the EHang 216 made its first successful public test flight in the Generali Arena in Vienna, Austria. The flight lasted only a few minutes, and the drone was restricted to an altitude of about 30 ft. inside the stadium, as the drone was not yet certified to fly in Austrian airspace. However, the Chinese firm EHang remained...

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The Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturer, EHang, is one of the many companies progressing the urban air mobility industry as the idea of autonomous air taxis approaches reality. However, “innovation requires acceptance”. That is why EHang has joined a strategic partnership with FACC, the Austrian aviation company, and ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4. ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 is a company with a mission to promote...

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From EHANG’s Latest Press Release CAAC Issues Guidance on UAV Airworthiness Certification On January 23rd, 2019, the Airworthiness Department of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued the Guidance on UAV Airworthiness Certification based on Operational Risks, aiming at establishing a risk-based UAV airworthiness management system by the end of 2019. A total of five Chinese UAV companies were authorized...

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EHANG Banner

Ghuangzhou, China based EHANG released a video of some of their most notable passengers during flight demonstrations of the EHANG 184 air taxi during 2018. Notable persons include FACC executives, VC Fund Managers, the Mayor of Ghuangzhou, and others. The release of this video comes after the company announced on November that it will be developing an all-electric medium to...

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EHang Partners with FACC for Production

04 December 2018 || 2 min read

EHang has signed with Austrian composites manufacturer FACC to optimize the EHang 184 for production, marking the next step in the 184’s journey to commercial use.  The EHang 184 is a two-passenger, quad-rotor eVTOL capable of flying about 35 miles between each charge. The 184 has completed over 1,000 passenger flight tests in places like Dubai, China and other...

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EHang Partners with FACC for manufacturing

EHANG’s Latest Demonstration Flight in Qatar

26 October 2018 || 3 min read

On October 11th, EHANG held its latest flight demonstration in partnership with Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading telecommunications provider.  The EHANG184 amazingly operates on a 5G LTE Cellular Network. It depends on this network in order to communicate both with the ground, and with flight control systems and navigation. In Qatar, the cellular network it depends on is provided by Ooredo....

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EHANG Over Qatar

A PR representative from the company [Ehang] told the Global Times on Sunday that they are pushing test flight cooperation projects for its Ehang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle with a number of governments, including the US, Dubai and Australia. The fast rise of Chinese-made drones in overseas market is due largely to their cost-effective nature, according to experts. Ke Yubao, executive...

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Ehang 184 Fortune

Ehang 184

21 June 2018 || < 1 min read

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Ehang 184 eVTOL

27 February 2018 || 1 min read Ghuangzhou-based eVTOL firm Ehang recently conducted first flight testing of its Ehang 184 aircraft and released footage of government officials and passengers being flown autonomously in the 2 seat AAV. The drone’s simplistic flight operation procedures are being touted as a vital asset to the future sales success of Ehang. For instance, a...

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Embraer’s Designs For the UAM Market

24 April 2019 || 4 min read

Embraer, Brazilian aerospace conglomerate and third largest civil aircraft manufacturer in the world, has numerous plans for entering the urban air mobility market. Their disruptive market subsidiary EmbraerX officially announced intentions to enter the UAM market two years ago, and launched their first eVTOL in mid-2018, not to mention partnering with Uber to manufacture urban aircraft for Uber Air by 2023. ...

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The University of Michigan released a study, published in the Nature Communications on April 9th, comparing the efficiency of conventional ground transportation to a theoretical eVTOL aircraft. The study compared the energy consumption of these vehicles in various scenarios, accounting for various numbers of people and distances. The research team found that for the first 40 km (25 mile), eVTOLs...

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Bye Aerospace is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Englewood, Colorado, and for the past 12 years has specialized in the design and manufacture of electric aircraft, including unmanned aircraft for geospatial role and light aircraft for the flight training role. CEO George E. Bye founded the company to apply electric configurations along with aerodynamic advances to “design, build and...

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Honeywell’s Electric Engine to Advance UAM

21 April 2019 || 3 min read

Honeywell Aerospace products and services are already found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft. Recently, the company has displayed its commitment to investing in the urban air mobility industry with multiple partnerships. In January, it was announced that Pipistrel and Honeywell will “combine aerospace expertise to address the technical, regulatory and business challenges of the emerging on-demand mobility market”...

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20 April 2019 || < 1 min read

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Lift Hexa

Within ten years, VTOL developer Sabrewing Aircraft Company plans to bring cargo services to the Aleut Community of St Paul Island. The Aleut tribal community has ordered ten of the Sabre Wing aircraft, and are working with Sabrewing to develop a test range. Saint Paul Island is a small island off the coast of Alaska, only about 10 miles in...

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