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In a recent article published by Dufour Aerospace, video footage was released on the performance of its tilt-wing technology last week, validating its design efforts using a systematic engineering approach to confirm that its proposed solution for transition from horizontal to accelerated forward flight was feasible. This technology is ultimately planned to be incorporated on the aEro family of vehicles....

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Dufour’s Vision for Regional Air Mobility

19 March 2019 || 4 min read

Dufour Aerospace, based near the Swiss Alps, believes in Regional Air Mobility as opposed to Urban Air Mobility. Since 2015, Dufour Aerospace has worked on its vision for eVTOL mobility. It started with successful flights of the aEro1 electric airplane and is now working on building the prototype aEro2, a two-seater tilt-wing hybrid eVTOL capable of travel up to 800km. Dufour Aerospace believes...

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Dufour Aerospace

Dufour Aerospace Announces Senior Advisory Team

16 November 2018 || 4 min read

Dufour Aerospace is a unique VTOL start-up based in Switzerland. It’s mission is to develop a passenger VTOL for areas like the Swiss Alps, where mountainous terrain can cause extremely long travel times between cities. The Dufour team has already made significant progress by developing an electric airplane that has proven flight up to one hour, multiple times per day....

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Flying Car Developer DuFour Adds Damian Hischier

04 September 2018 || 3 min read

DuFour already has successfully logged more than 50 hours on their electric airplane, the aEro1. Now, it is turning to Flying cars. Since 2015, DuFour has had the vision of an eVTOl and developed a fully capable electric airplane to flight-test many of the electric components. It’s aEro1 is capable of flying for up to one hour, multiple times per day. Damian...

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DuFour's aEro1 taking off

Dufour aEro2

21 June 2018 || < 1 min read

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DuFour aEro 2

The Swiss-based team that brought the aEro1 electric aerobatic aircraft demonstrator to fruition has recently unveiled its plans for the aEro2. The aEro2 is claimed to be a two-seat tilt wing configuration with range of up to 120km (75 miles) on purely electric power. With a backup Auxiliary Power Unit, the aEro2 may fly as far as 800 km (500...

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Dufour Aerospace aEro2

Air taxi company Lilium has officially selected London to host its software engineering and development team. Lilium is a well-known aspiring air taxi company famous for developing the Lilium Jet. Although its headquarters are in Munich, Lilium recently announced its decision to build a software engineering base in London. Lilium believes this new software base will create hundreds of jobs in London...

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Israeli startup NFT Inc. is developing its own autonomous electric flying car. Named the Asaka (or ASKA), which means ‘flying bird’ in Japanese, the flying car is equipped with 14 propellers for flight, as well as conventional wheels for ground travel. NFT will showcase the ASKA at the Ecomotion 2019 smart mobility show in Tel Aviv, and intends to begin...

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ASKA Flying Car

At the Uber Elevate Summit last week in Washington D.C, the Uber Eats team announced that it has successfully completed a food delivery test at San Diego state University. The team plans on beginning larger scale testing operations in San Diego imminently. The purpose of the Uber Eats Drones latest test in San Diego was to demonstrate how Uber Eats will...

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Uber Eats Drone

Uber Elevate Summit 2019: The Bullet Points

16 June 2019 || 4 min read

This week’s Uber Elevate conference in Washington D.C was a hallmark event for the entire Urban Aviation industry. With a plethora  of new announcements, Uber continues to lead the charge forward for Urban Air Mobility. Uber made several major announcements of new partnerships, designs, and technologies. Here’s what we’ve identified as the most important, all readable on TransportUP: Uber Releases...

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Elusive company Jaunt Air Mobility has been named as a new eVTOL partner for the future Uber Air network. The Jaunt Air Mobility eVTOL has a unique design in that it features only one large single lift rotor, making it a combination between a helicopter and and a small airplane. Jaunt Air Mobility calls this technology ‘ROSA’-an acronym for “Reduced...

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Uber’s New Air Taxi Cabin

16 June 2019 || 3 min read

Uber Elevate, earlier this week at its Summit in Washington D.C, unveiled the interior design for its future air taxis. Uber’s new cabin design was built in collaboration with Safran Cabin. Safran, a global leader in aviation design, has been working closely with the UAM industry. Most recently, Safran was has been involved with developing propulsion systems specifically for eVTOLs....

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Uber Elevate has officially announced Melbourne, Australia as its international pilot city for Uber Air. This marks Uber’s first international pilot city, and its third city overall. In 2018, Uber Elevate announced that it would launch its pilot program in a third, international city as well as in Dallas and Los Angeles in the U.S. At the time, it gave...

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Uber Air in Melbourne

Uber Elevate unveiled this week 16 new SkyPort concepts from 8 different architecture firms. These were designed for Dallas, Los Angeles, and Melbourne. SkyPorts for Uber Elevate are not just landing pads for eVTOLs, but are designed to enable seamless transportation in major cities. As such, each SkyPort is connected with public transit, has parking and charging for Uber Jump...

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Together, Uber and AT&T have created a multi-phase plan to develop connectivity for Uber Air cargo and passenger flights. For Uber Elevate, connectivity to the internet during flight is not a luxury, but an absolute must. Unlike existing aviation infrastructure, Uber’s platform for operations and communication relies on the internet. Everything from the customer experience to instructions for pilots and...

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Uber Air and AT&T