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In a recent article published by Dufour Aerospace, video footage was released on the performance of its tilt-wing technology last week, validating its design efforts using a systematic engineering approach to confirm that its proposed solution for transition from horizontal to accelerated forward flight was feasible. This technology is ultimately planned to be incorporated on the aEro family of vehicles....

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Dufour’s Vision for Regional Air Mobility

19 March 2019 || 4 min read

Dufour Aerospace, based near the Swiss Alps, believes in Regional Air Mobility as opposed to Urban Air Mobility. Since 2015, Dufour Aerospace has worked on its vision for eVTOL mobility. It started with successful flights of the aEro1 electric airplane and is now working on building the prototype aEro2, a two-seater tilt-wing hybrid eVTOL capable of travel up to 800km. Dufour Aerospace believes...

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Dufour Aerospace

Dufour Aerospace Announces Senior Advisory Team

16 November 2018 || 4 min read

Dufour Aerospace is a unique VTOL start-up based in Switzerland. It’s mission is to develop a passenger VTOL for areas like the Swiss Alps, where mountainous terrain can cause extremely long travel times between cities. The Dufour team has already made significant progress by developing an electric airplane that has proven flight up to one hour, multiple times per day....

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Flying Car Developer DuFour Adds Damian Hischier

04 September 2018 || 3 min read

DuFour already has successfully logged more than 50 hours on their electric airplane, the aEro1. Now, it is turning to Flying cars. Since 2015, DuFour has had the vision of an eVTOl and developed a fully capable electric airplane to flight-test many of the electric components. It’s aEro1 is capable of flying for up to one hour, multiple times per day. Damian...

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DuFour's aEro1 taking off

Dufour aEro2

21 June 2018 || < 1 min read

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DuFour aEro 2

The Swiss-based team that brought the aEro1 electric aerobatic aircraft demonstrator to fruition has recently unveiled its plans for the aEro2. The aEro2 is claimed to be a two-seat tilt wing configuration with range of up to 120km (75 miles) on purely electric power. With a backup Auxiliary Power Unit, the aEro2 may fly as far as 800 km (500...

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Dufour Aerospace aEro2

Boeing and Safran continue to commit to the electrification of aircraft technology The two companies recently announced a joint investment in Electric Power Systems. (EPS), a company offering a multitude of lightweight energy storage products for the aerospace industry. Based in Logan, Utah, the privately held aerospace company specializes in advanced energy storage systems comprised of cells, power electronics, controls,...

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Transcend Air will be a featured panelist and exhibitor at the 2019 ICAO Innovation Fair Peter H. Schmidt, co-founder and COO of Transcend Air, will join the ICAO Innovation fair as a featured speaker at the Green Innovation Session to deliver his talk on “A System Approach to Sustainability, Starting Now.” According to the Transcend Air press release, “Transcend Air...

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eVTOLs have benefits that helicopters won’t be able to compete with. Helicopters are the world’s current solution to aerial mobility: a time proven system that effectively transports people and goods short to medium distances, with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities to boot. Air taxi services utilizing helicopters have operated since the 1950’s, New York Airways being one of the famed...

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Helicopter at Sunrise

Uber Air Stands Up First Flying Taxi Test Site

20 September 2019 || 4 min read

Frisco, Texas is the home of Uber’s first test site for its eVTOL aircraft. Dallas has long been in Uber’s plans as one of the launch cities for its urban air mobility (UAM) initiative, and the company has recently completed the construction of a helipad site at Frisco Station near The Star and along the Dallas North Tollway. An important feature...

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White House to Support eVTOL in R&D Priorities Memo

19 September 2019 || 4 min read

The White House indicated it may be interested in the research and development of eVTOL aircraft. In a nine-page executive memo, the document discusses future development budget priorities for the US government beyond FY2021. The document covers a variety of R&D topics ranging from advanced communications, autonomy, and infrastructure resilience, among others. This quote was taken from the memo and...

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The White House

Commercial flying cars could serve as inspiration for the V-22 Osprey successor. With an abundance of funding and fast-paced iterations on cutting-edge designs, the private sector has potentially edged ahead of military vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) technology in the recent years. There has therefore been ample time and research in optimizing an enormous variety of approaches to aerial mobility,...

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Volocopter’s flight was the highlight of Vision Smart City  Mercedes-Benz hosted the event at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Vision Smart City was hosted in order to feature technical innovations and sustainable transport concepts for future mobility, including concepts of carsharing and electric vehicles, according to the official Volocopter press release. The event is also part of an initiative...

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Lift Aircraft to Launch Trial Flights in Austin

13 September 2019 || 3 min read

Lift Aircraft has announced plans to begin trial flights at it headquarters in Austin, TX. Matt Chasen, a veteran of the startup world and a former Boeing engineer, says his company is planning to offer the first round of trial flights at its headquarters soon, reported GeekWire. Later, Lift Aircraft will complete a 25-city tour showcasing its ultralight aircraft, Hexa....

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The Global Urban Air Summit hosted aerial mobility technologies, partnerships, and debates. Farnborough International hosted the inaugural Global Urban Air Summit in the UK from September 4th to 5th this year. The conference brought together key players and regulators in the aerial mobility industry with the goal of stimulating productive conversations between key stakeholders. “The event [included] two days of...

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