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Wisk Looks to Resume Flight Tests for Cora

09 May 2020 || 4 min read

Wisk is looking to resume flight tests for the Cora eVTOL aircraft by the end of the month, following the COVID-19 lockdown protocol in New Zealand, where the bulk of the project design is conducted. Wisk gained hope when New Zealand lowered their lockdown protocol from Level 4 to Level 3, allowing company technicians to resume prep work on the...

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Wisk’s Newest Details on the Cora Air Taxi

09 February 2020 || 3 min read

After recently announcing plans to conduct flight trials in New Zealand, the aspiring air taxi company Wisk has released details regarding the Cora, its autonomous electric air taxi vehicle. The Cora is a two-seat autonomous aircraft powered by twelve boom-mounted independent lifting propellers enabling vertical flight. Designed to be autonomous from the start, Wisk CEO Gary Gysin emphasized the focus...

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Cora Air Taxi

Kitty Hawk Aero announced their 2018 recap today, marking the conclusion of a packed year for the Larry Page-backed company. Included in the recap was the announcement that Cora has a Ballistic Parachute Recovery system, not unlike what Cirrus Aircraft use today to achieve their high safety records. Kitty Hawk has not previously disclosed that Cora has such a recovery...

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Cora Diagram


18 June 2018 || < 1 min read

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Watch: Kittyhawk Announces Sister Brand Cora

13 March 2018 || 1 min read

Larry Page backed Kittyhawk Aero recently announced a sister brand, Cora, that intends on producing an “everyday air taxi”. Cora is currently working with the New Zealand government on manufacturing the vehicle and flight tests have already taken place. The timeline for entry to service is “somewhere around five years” said Kitty Hawk CEO Sebastian Thrun – but that could...

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Kittyhawk Cora

Pipistrel has selected Honeywell’s Compact Fly-By-Wire system for its Nuuva V300 cargo unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The Fly-By-Wire (FBW) avionics will provide the flight control “brains” to the eVTOL prototype and will offer the capability for safe and efficient autonomous operation. “After years of excellent cooperation in the UAM sector, we chose to work with Honeywell in the development of...

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Pipistrel has selected Honeywell to supply a FBW flight control solution for its Nuuva V300 VTOL prototype.

Falck Initiates Manned Drone Paramedics Program

20 October 2020 || 4 min read

Falck, one of the world’s most impressive emergency response providers, is turning to manned drones to get paramedics to the scene of an emergency faster than ever. Operating in over 30 countries with over 25,000 emergency-trained employees, Falck plans to make manned drones an integral part of its fire and emergency medical services starting even before 2025. According to Falck,...

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Embraer announced the formation of Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions, Inc. (Eve) on October 15th. Eve is an independent company dedicated to accelerating the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem, according to Embraer’s press release. The announcement characterizes Eve as more than just a eVTOL manufacturer – the company is developing a full portfolio of solutions to enable the UAM market....

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Volocopter has released the first worldwide study in partnership with ADAC Luftrettung on the role of eVTOL platforms in air rescue operations. The study was has spanned nearly two years of research and technology demonstrations across Bavaria and the Rhineland and has tried to determine if an aerial mobility focused rescue service system can expedite the transport of doctors and...

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Uber Technologies and South Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom have agreed to form a joint venture for a specialized mobility business that will be spun off from SK Telecom. The new business will both support current on-demand ground transportation operations in tandem with planning future aerial mobility services. SK Telecom stated that its board had approved the creation of this...

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Kilowatt is currently selling its “EcoMax” helicopters with a traditional power plant and a guarantee to retrofit the rotorcraft with an Electric Power Unit (EPU) at no charge once it has been awarded its Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”). Eco Helicopters is working with Kilowatt Aviation to bring what it calls the “EcoMax”, an electrified version of the ubiquitous Robinson R44...

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ZEVA Aero Merges Assets With FabLab LLC

13 October 2020 || 3 min read

ZEVA Aero, a Tacoma Washington-based aircraft developer, has officially merged its assets with those of FabLab LLC, its former incubator. According to a recent press release, the merger gives ZEVA ownership and control of important assets such as 3D printers capable of printing carbon fiber composites, CNC machines, electronics lab equipment, machine tools, computing and network resources and much more....

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Israel eVTOL development company Gadfin is pursuing future developments of its aircraft through a partnership with an Italian Electric Infrastructure firm Enel. Gadfin was founded just two years ago, in 2018, by Eyal Regev, Ran Kleiner and Ilan Yuval. The announcement for this partnership focused on the collaboration between the two companies via an innovation lab, slated INFRALAB, that was established...

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Jaunt Air Mobility Appoints Martin Peryea as CEO

11 October 2020 || 3 min read

Jaunt Air Mobility announced on October 5th, 2020, that their board would be elevating former Chief Technical Officer Martin Peryea as Jaunt’s interim CEO. The press release cited that the change in leadership was made for the sake of the development of the Jaunt Journey aircraft. According to Peryea, who held over 33 of engineering experience at Bell Helicopters, “On...

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uAvionix, a growing avionics leader in aerial mobility, has patented its Direct-Broadcast Remote Identification (RID) technology for unmanned aircraft systems under U.S. Patent 10,733,894. The firm has been working to build a comprehensive suite of communications, navigation, and surveillance avionics for a variety of industry applications for drones all the way through fully-manned general aviation vehicles. “This patent is a...

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Patent filings for uAvionix's Remote ID technology show its potential implementation in service.