Month: December 2019

EHang is one step closer to realizing its aerial mobility vision EHang today announced its strategic partnership with property developer Heli Chuangxin Real Estate Co. Ltd. to build out an urban air mobility (UAM) demonstration project in Guangzhou. This is a major milestone as EHang prepares for the launch of commercial operations of its much-anticipated autonomous flying taxis. Under the...

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2 EHang passenger-grade AAVs performed simultaneous flight in the downtown area and CBD of Guangzhou city, near the landmark of Canton Tower and LIEDE Bridge where are must-see sightseeing place for all tourists in Guangzhou.

South Korea-based global automaker further commits to investments in mobility Hyundai has announced further involvement in the aerial mobility industry, not long after the company announced that it’s committing resources to bring an air taxi to market by 2023 – the same year that Uber Elevate aims to deploy limited commercial eVTOL operations to customers. The total investment of almost $52...

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Hyundai Flying Car

The two companies will perform a joint study on the future of aircraft electrification for UAM BAE Systems and Jaunt Air Mobility signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), agreeing to explore the development of electric energy management systems in urban aerial mobility. This MoU will also have the two companies collaborate on examining current aircraft power management needs and gain...

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Avy’s Aera is a long-endurance VTOL drone designed for lifesaving BVLOS missions. Avy is a ‘wing drones for good’ company, pioneering in innovative aircraft technology for the transition to sustainable aviation and focusing on life-saving missions. Avy is a Dutch manufacturer winged drones, which combine the vertical take-off capability of a drone with an airplane’s efficiency in horizontal flight, thus...

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Kitty Hawk Corp Rebrands as Wisk

03 December 2019 || 3 min read

Kitty Hawk recently rebranded as Wisk.Aero in a move many news outlets are stating is resultant of turmoil within the company. Regardless, the firms’ planned rollout of aerial mobility solutions in New Zealand is touted on the new website – along with the advantages of New Zealand as a location for piloting urban mobility solutions. Wisk touts the more...

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NASA + Uber Aerial Mobility Testing Continues

01 December 2019 || 4 min read

Uber and NASA are collaborating to simulate the future of eVTOL ridesharing services. According to NASA, the end goal of the collaboration with Uber is a safe and efficient air transportation system where everything from small package-delivery drones to passenger-carrying air taxis operate over populated areas – from small towns to the largest cities. Researchers at NASA’s Ames and Langley...

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Environmental Factors and eVTOL Operations

01 December 2019 || 8 min read

When Day VMC isn’t possible, how will future aerial mobility solutions cope? Aircraft flying across the world encounter varying atmospheric conditions every day: from rain, winds, fog, freezing temperatures to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, aerospace innovation has excelled in addressing the technical challenges of operating aircraft in some of the harshest environments on earth. But, not all that...

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EHang Foggy

Airbus further invests in aerial mobility with the development of eVTOL autonomous systems. A³ by Airbus is the Silicon Valley R&D outpost of Airbus, where Project Wayfinder is currently under development. The company hopes to implement artificial intelligence as a means of advancing the capabilities and applications of autonomous systems for aerial mobility. According to Airbus, “Project Wayfinder is building...

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ALI Technologies Presents Their Flying Motorcycle

01 December 2019 || 6 min read

ALI Technologies showed off their prototype, Xturismo, at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show While ALI Technologies is still in the process of developing its final product, they presented their prototype, the Xturismo Limited Edition, at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show at Tokyo Big Sight. ALI plans to have the final product ready for delivery by late 2020, and gain licensing...

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