Month: December 2018

Alphabet, the holding company in charge of Google Inc. and other similar initiatives announced a status update for their Wing project last week. On Wing’s website, plans were unveiled to perform trial runs for  the drone-based package delivery service in Finland beginning in 2019. This project will be a follow-on to a trial that has been on-going in south-eastern Australia...

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Wing Alphabet Finland drone package delivery

Lift Aircraft, based in Austin, TX, has unveiled a flying production-design of its Hexa aircraft concept. The electric vertical take off and landing eVTOL flying machine, shown below, features impressive simplicity and redundancy that will enable personal use by tourists and amateur enthusiasts. Designed for 8-15 minute flights in scenic and uncongested areas, the aircraft relies on 18 propellers to get...

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Lift Aircraft Hexa personal flying machine prototype eVTOL urban air mobility

European aviation regulators and corporate officials from eight countries met last month to address growth in the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) market. Talks led by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) took place in Brussels and Cologne. Discussion was centered around safely introducing the support structure necessary for “making flying more accessible to the public”. Talks included sessions...

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Rolls Royce eVTOL flying taxi concept

Morgan Stanley has conducted an in-depth analysis of the potential market for eVTOL air taxis, concluding that by 2040 the market may be worth over $1.5 trillion. The report by Morgan Stanley was a full 85 pages. It pulled its information from many of the companies working on UAM solutions include Boeing and Uber, as well as from NASA’s Urban...

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Morgan Stanley Urban Aviation Report

VerdeGo Aero, a company specializing in the manufacturing of powertrains for hybrid-electric flying cars, has announced its strategic partnership with Seyer Industries, a long-time expert in Aerospace manufacturing. VerdeGo Aero recently made a pivot from building its own flying car to providing fully fleshed out IDEP (integrated distributed electric propulsion) systems for eVTOL air taxis and similar aircraft. Founded by...

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Seyer partners with Verdego Aero

The UK’s latest move for Urban Aviation is a £125 million ($160 million) commitment to aviation companies developing autonomous and electric aircraft. With this new government-Industry Aerospace Sector Deal, the UK government hopes to develop the”next generation of electric planes, drones and autonomous aircraft by 2025″. The UK Government’s latest press release states that a major part of what the UK...

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JETCopter Completes Turbine Testing

07 December 2018 || 3 min read

JETCopter has announced successful testing of its jet-powered VTOL propulsion system, confirming feasibility for the future aircraft. The future aircraft has a predicted range of 620 miles and top speed of 180mph. Specific details released about the turbines include that they are each 6.6ft in diameter, and create thrust comparable to 36ft helicopter rotors. On November 19th, the company sent out...

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Jetcopter turbine system

Assen Aero Flight Tests A1 Hoverbike

06 December 2018 || 3 min read

Assen Aero successfully flight tested a prototype of their A1 Hoverbike. A video posted to Youtube earlier this week shows the bike flown remotely at low altitudes. This is the one of the first steps towards full scale technology demonstration, which may include Hoverbike races as early as next year. Assen Aero, based in South Florida, has been working on...

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Assen Aero A1 hoverbike Airventure 2018

Los Angeles based urban air taxi carrier Quantum XYZ has placed a pre-order for Workhorse SureFly hybrid-electric octocopters. Quantum XYZ plans to use the aircraft to be the first urban air VTOL service to market. Zeeshan Moha, Vice President and Chief Route Architect of Quantum XYZ told, “We invite a future where safe, on-demand air travel is as ubiquitous as car...

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Surefly eVTOL air taxi octocopter hybrid electric

EHang Partners with FACC for Production

04 December 2018 || 2 min read

EHang has signed with Austrian composites manufacturer FACC to optimize the EHang 184 for production, marking the next step in the 184’s journey to commercial use.  The EHang 184 is a two-passenger, quad-rotor eVTOL capable of flying about 35 miles between each charge. The 184 has completed over 1,000 passenger flight tests in places like Dubai, China and other...

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EHang Partners with FACC for manufacturing

AOPA Affirms Interest in Urban Air Mobility

03 December 2018 || 4 min read

AOPA, a nationally recognized advocate and support network for general aviation, has sent a letter to NASA stating its interest in participating in NASA’s upcoming ‘Grand Challenge’ series. AOPA is short for the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association. The organization has existed since its founding in 1939 at Wings Field in Pennsylvania. Since then, it has grown to become a...

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AOPA seeks to collaborate with NASA

German rescue service ADAC Luftrettung is partnering with Volocopter in a study that will test the feasibility of electric vertical takeoff (eVTOL) aircraft for medical rescue missions. The study, planned for Spring 2019, will cost approximately $570,000 and will use the manned version of the Volocopter shown below. By supporting this study, ADAC Luftrettung is the first ever air rescue organization to test...

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Volocopter for ADAC study